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How to Make Outlets Flush With Stone Backsplash

by:Shihui     2020-05-10
The tailgate of a stone is nominally 3/8 thick.This means that your socket is flush with the drywall, about 3/8Inches back from the surface of the tailgate.This may make it difficult for the cover to be reopened, resulting in a curved or imperfect cover.To help the exit flush with the new wall thickness, an outlet extender is required.Power off the rear baffle area of the junction box.Remove the screw that holds the socket to the wall and place it on one side.Pull the socket forward and pull it out of the wall on the wire.Slide the socket extender ring over the socket.The back of the extender is empty, which allows the socket to go directly through the extender.Push the extension together with the socket into the wall.The extender shall be located between 1/4 and 3/8 of the outlet;The approximate thickness of most tiles.Screw the socket into the extender and fix it in place.Screw the outlet cover to the outlet and extender to cover the extender and leave the outlet flush with the stone tailgate.
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