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How to Make Pebble Bathroom Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-05
Pebble tiles bring nature into the bathroom and you can make your own bathroom very cheaply.This is good news.Before you enter a major tileDo projects and consider long termRegular maintenance, comfort, and where you plan to lay your tiles.The Cobblestone tile floor makes it uncomfortable for some to stand and walk, and the drainage of the shower room can be a challenge for amateur installers.Keep grouting moldFree is also a problem.If you\'re a beginner, the Cobblestone tile border can be a good start.Your first successful Cobblestone tile project could lead to a subsequent Stone Agestyle bathroom.Collect or purchase smooth, flatPebbles or river stones at the top, roughly the same size and thickness, in different colors, or one color.Creating a specific color mosaic pattern with pebbles adds unnecessary complexity to the project, so keep it simple.Wash the pebbles and dry them.12-cut solid mesh backinginch squares --Or determine the size of the border tile and cut enough tiles of the same size for the whole job.Six-inch by 9-For example, the inch border tiles may look better in the bathroom.Place the mesh on a plastic drip cloth so that your working surface is not affected by mortar, mud or sealant.Lay the thin mortar on the mesh back plate, cover the mortar with pebbles, and attach them as closely as possible.From time to time, use the Carpenter\'s level to check the uniformity of the surface of the tile and adjust the individual pebbles that stick too far.Continue until all mesh pads are paved with pebbles.Let the mortar dry.Apply grouting on the cobblestone tile to fill the void.Wipe the excess mud on the cobblestone surface with a damp instead of a damp sponge.Rinse the sponge frequently so that there is no grout residue on the top of the pebbles.Allow the mud to solidify and harden.Seal each tile with a clear seal to protect the grout from mold and make the Tile easier to clean.
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