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How to mosaic stair risers using plexiglass

by:Shihui     2020-01-24

These stair riser embedded in plexiglass add color and interest to our home.Butterflies, dragonflies, snails, birds and fairies peeping from the forest.The fish jumps in the stream.The children like these stairs.When a two-year-When the old man came to visit, he was immediately attracted to climb up the stairs and stopped at every step, and as his mother hovered behind him, he followed the creatures carefully with his fingers.I grind each piece, roll, or grind it in other ways so that there is no sharp edge.I use colored glass, broken plates, jewelry and glass balls.There were some costume jewelry throughout the process, as well as some special sides of the board that looked like the faces of fairies and woodland elves.The colors are blue, purple, green, brown, cream and some bright accent.Broken earrings from my best friend, necklace from another friend\'s grandmother, link to my mom\'s pendant;All these things and more are included in the forest.There are 16 stair lifts and they are not exactly the same size.Some are 7 \\ \"height, some are 6 3/4 \\\" and some are 6 1/4 \\\".Thanks to my lucky star, I measured more than one before I cut the plexiglass!I suggest you measure each one, check your measurement results, and then check again before the plexiglass is cut.I had Lowes cut 1/4 \"plexiglass on the size and shape of each riser, and I put each one in front of the kitchen table to sit comfortably together.Before starting to glue, I first drilled a hole at both ends of each rectangle.I did grouting and sealing before I installed each piece with small screws.Just after my grouting, I stuck the toothpick in the screw hole and cleaned the grouting.The screw is a light brown color that happens to blend perfectly with the grout, so I\'m not even too lazy to cover or paint on the head of the screw.Despite the large size of the 1/4 \"plexiglass, it is still a little bent and there is grouting and we do not want any bending of the base as this leads to cracks.I think I can fix them after installation;This is still much easier than field grouting!Fortunately, there are no cracks.Four years later, they persisted perfectly.Still no cracks;They are rectangular plexiglass, mounted in front of each stair lifter with two screws.I could have done it with a way to embed it on the mesh, but I have to grout in the proper position, which is a hard task and they are not removable.Make mosaic tailgate using the same method!Much easier than working directly on the wall behind the stove or sink ---If you wish, you can carry it with you when you move;Two small holes in the wall-Or you can take it down if your d©Cole changed.You can use plexiglass, Wedi boards, or other backplates.If we move out, we can screw down and take them away.I can imagine them installed on the wall as a piece of art.www.mosaicroad.blogspot., You can view the work in progress.Go to the oldest post on the blog.http://hubpages .com/hub/How-to-mosaic-on-We bought a lot of books on mosaic topics, one of which is outstanding, Elaine M.(See the link below ).This is a great reference book.
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