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How to Pattern Ceramic Countertop Tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-02
Depending on the size, shape and color of the tiles, the number of options can be amazing when creating patterns for ceramic countertop tiles.The table top can be tiled with tiles, natural stone tiles, glass tiles with glittering pieces of metal on the surface, glazed tiles, and even elegant polished marble tiles.You can make the pattern with a mosaic covered with countless small tiles, or design your own pattern and add personality to any room.Study the tile pattern of decoration theme in Internet or home decoration magazine.Print or copy any pattern you want to use as a visual aid.Measure the size of the table and write it down.Keep these measurements handy when you go to buy sample tiles as they help you determine the size of the tiles and how they are combined together.Choose the main color tiles that match the kitchen or bathroom color scheme for your countertop, called the field color.Choose two or three tiles that match the color scheme and the overall decorative theme that emphasize the color and enhance the visual appearance of the field color tiles.Emphasizing tiles is a brighter or darker color, and can also be a matching color that draws attention to the simple pattern at the top of the counter.They can be square, diamond-shaped or round, can be in a single color, and can also be painted or embossed on a striking design.Draw a map of your countertop.Draw tile design ideas on top and start brainstorming for your chosen tile.Cut a 1-square-Foot a piece of paper, draw a grid of 1-1Put an inch square on it with a ruler.The grid helps you visualize the part of the counter space and the tile position of the pattern.Try the tile pattern by placing a tile sample on a paper grid.Starting with a simple design, put the larger tiles down first.When you start designing your own tile pattern, fill the space between the larger tiles with a smaller emphasis tile.Create a tile border or line across the entire counter near the middle point to create the illusion of a larger countertop.Place the tiles on the counter in the desired pattern to see how the tiles will look after they are installed.Before you find a pattern that fits perfectly into your room, you may need to come up with several different patterns.Take a tile pattern with a digital camera, or draw a tile pattern and color it with a colored pencil that matches the color of the tile.These visuals help to lay the tiles into personalized patterns as you can quickly see the color and position of the tiles without having to read the notes.
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