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How to Put Backsplash Tile Around a Kitchen Counter

by:Shihui     2020-03-07
The tailgate adds a lot of style to the kitchen counter as it adds value to your home.Modern glass, stone and tiles are available on the Web sheet making the installation simple.Recycled glass squares bring vintage charm and sparks.A new sticky tileThe set-up mats provided by the building supplies store eliminate time-consuming and often frustrating thinnessAttach the tiles to the mortar on the wall.The set-up pad is very sticky, with removable paper on the back and front, and can be cut into large and small with a home cutter.Measure the area of the kitchen around the counter to determine the area of receiving the tailgate with a tape measure.Use square foot measurements to determine the number of tile setup pads and tiles required.Remove all seat covers from the area with a screwdriver.Cut the tile-Set up the mat using scissors and tape measure to fit the wall area of the tailgate.Peel off the paper on the back of the mat, press the mat on the wall, and peel off the paper on the front of the mat.Cover the entire tailgate area with a cushion.Cut glass or tiles with a wet saw to fit the area.Press the tile on the mat and place each tile or frontSet the tile with a gasket.Cover the entire tailgate area with tiles.Apply the pre-Mix the grout with a diagonal Rod and fill all the spaces between the tiles with the grout.Wipe the excess grout with the grout.Wet and unscrew the sponge with a sponge and wipe the excess grout with a sponge.Let the mud dry for an hour and wipe the mud smoke on the tile with a soft cloth.Replace the socket cover with a screwdriver.
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