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How to Recess a Refrigerator

by:Shihui     2020-01-15

Placing a refrigerator on the interior wall can increase the available space in the kitchen and make your cooking space more streamlined.This project involves the construction of a recessed area on the existing walls sufficient to accommodate the refrigerator.Creating a sunken area on the wall is an extensive timeConsumption process;Basic woodworking skills, tools and supplies, however, can help you with this project and maximize your kitchen space.Make sure there is no load on the wall-Carry by determining if it is perpendicular to the floor support beam.If you are unable to determine if the wall is loaded, please contact the building inspector or contractor-bearing.Remove part of the load-The load-bearing wall will weaken the structure of the house.Check the length of the power cord of the refrigerator to make sure it reaches the nearest outlet.This will make it unnecessary for you to connect to a new power outlet.Measure the width, height and depth of the refrigerator with a tape measure.Increase at least 10 inch per measurement to provide adequate clearance for the refrigerator.Transfer the width and height measurements to the wall on both sides of the position where you plan to place the embedded refrigerator.Capture the chalk line along the measured value to create the outline of the wall opening.Go through the drywall with a reciprocating saw along the contours on both sides of the wall.Remove the drywall on both sides with sledgehammer and crowbar.Through the top opening of the nail, the bottom opening of the bottom plate, with a reciprocating saw.Remove the bottom plate and bolt part with a crowbar.Mark the width and depth measurement on the floor behind the opening and capture the chalk line between the measurements.If the room behind the wall is carpeted, cut and remove the floor along the outline with a tool knife.2-cut two sectionsby-4-Inches of wood, equal to the height of the opening, form a side column with a circular saw.Place a section on each side of the opening and drive 4-Inch wood screws are inserted into the edge of the bottom plate through side nails, with a drill bit for a screwdriver bit.Measure the distance between side bolts.Cut a paragraph 2-by-4-Inches of wood of this size form an open roof.Place the wood section along the top of the opening and drive 4-Inch wood screws go through this section into the bolts above the opening.Extra drive 4-Inch wood screws enter the side bolts through the top plate.2-cut 4 segmentsby-4-Recessed inches of wood in the depth of the area.These sections will form the top and bottom of the frame on the right and left.On the floor perpendicular to the wall, place a part on each side of the wall opening, flush with the edge of the opening.Drive 4-Inch wood screws enter the ground floor through these parts.Attach the remaining two parts to the ceiling, directly above the two floor parts, with 4-Inch wooden screws.2-cut two sectionsby-4-Inches of wood to the distance between the side parts you install in step 10.Connect a part to the floor, connect a part to the top of the ceiling, where 4-Inch wooden screws.Measure the internal distance between the depth sections.Cut 2-by-4-The inch wood part of this measurement.These parts form bolts in recessed areas.You need a bolt in every corner and a bolt in every 16 inch of the recessed wall.There is a bolt in every corner of the recessed area.Drive 4-Inch wood screws enter the top and bottom Wood section of 45-by Boltdegree angles.Repeat this process, at 16-there are remaining bolts on all three sides of the concave wallinch intervals.Cut the drywall part with a drywall saw to fit the exposed area inside and outside the recessed area.Connect the drywall part to 4-2-inch intervalInch drywall screws ensure that the drywall parts are tightly integrated.Cover dry corners and seams with dry wall tape.Apply the dry wall compound to the tape and screw head with an putty knife and let the compound dry overnight.Polish the drywall with a Palm Sander and paint as needed.
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