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How to Refurbish a Ceramic Tile Floor

by:Shihui     2020-03-15

If you have historical tiles that you want to keep, or if you fall in love with your current tile floor, you can renovate the tile floor that has been out of repair for a long time, instead of spending your energy and the cost of the new floor.The renovation is a greener alternative and has not been dismantled.Renovating the old tile floor can restore the gloss and properties of the original tile.Check for slightly damaged tiles.If you have historical tiles, try keeping as many tiles as possible in the original position to protect your floor.Consult a flooring specialist to prepare a colored mixture to help mix in one piece with the damaged tile.Experts can match the epoxy with colored enamel and you can apply it to the broken area to make it look like part of the original tile.Remove any tiles with large debris or obvious deterioration.Use a small chisel to gently remove any damaged or loose tiles.Purchase replacement tiles as close as possible to the original, or use any tiles retained from the original installation.Clean up your existing grouting line.Drag the solution of the oxygen bleach onto the floor.Oxygen bleach is a powder mixed with water that penetrates into the grout line to effectively remove stains.Let the mixture be placed for an hour.Please re-apply if there are still stains.Use a wipe brush to clean any remaining residue in the grouting line.Apply a layer of mortar in the floor area where tiles need to be reinstalled.Lay the tiles into the same pattern as the existing tile floor.Use spacers to keep the tiles evenly spaced between each other.Rub the grouting on the tile and work the grouting into the gap between the tiles.Use the same color grouting as the rest of the floor.Clean any grout from the surface of the tile.Spray adhesive on ceramic floor.This helps the new coating to better adhere to the tile.Activate the surface coating according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.You may need to wait 30 minutes before spraying the coating.Spray the required amount of surface coating onto the tile and slowly move the spray gun from left to right.The coating can change the look of the tile to another color, mimic the look of the stone, or update the gloss of the original tile clearly and simply.Before using the tile area, allow the coating to dry and solidify according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.
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