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How to Remove Freshly Adhered Glass in a Tile Backsplash

by:Shihui     2020-03-07
The newly pasted glass brick in the tailgate may not be able to be set at the correct angle, or after installation, you may find that when you work on the tailgate, the light catches defects that are not visible on the tile.Fortunately, the newly attached tiles, or the tiles installed within 48 hours, have soft mortar and thin mortar that have not yet solidified or solidified, make grouting and glass brick removal easier than removing old grout tiles with hard grouting and thin mortar.Put on your safety glasses.Set the blade of the grouting saw on the center line of the grouting on the right side of the tailgate glass brick you want to remove.Push down the movement of the saw since back (or up and down) to cut into the new grouting.Cut the right side of the grouting joint all the way, pay attention to keep the center of the grouting line to prevent damage to adjacent tiles.When the blade of the grouting saw reaches the base plate or the bottom layer, stop, for example, the thin setting mortar applied to the wall before the tailgate tile is installed.Through the center line of other grouting joints around the glass brick.When you do this, cut to the base plate or the bottom layer on the wall.Scrape the cut grouting with a grouting scraper.Run the blade of a tool knife along the edge of the adjacent tile to cut off the remaining grouting.Carefully pry glass bricks from the tailgate with a flat plateBlade screwdriver.If it is not easy to pry open, knock a small chisel into it with a hammer, then pry open the pieces and break the glass brick.Scrape off the area where glass tiles are installed to make them smooth.The smooth surface will make the application of new tiles easier.
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