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How to Remove Stains From Marble Tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-12
Marble is a durable stone in most cases, but it does require some special care.Because the marble is porous, you should clean up the spilled stuff immediately, otherwise it is possible for you to create stains.Marble Tiles are as easy to stain as solid marble, but you can use the same method as solid stones to remove stains from marble tiles.
Plasters are particularly effective for removing stains on the surface of the stone, as they remove stains from the stone when drying.Add enough water to 1/4 cups of baking soda to make the consistency of peanut butter paste.If you add too much water, just add a little baking soda until you get the right thickness.
Apply a thick layer of baking soda paste to stained marble tiles.All you need to do is cover the actual stain just past.The thickness of the paste should be between 1/4 and 1/2.
Apply plastic wrap on top of baking soda paste.Make sure there is at least an inch of extra plastic on each side.Glue the edge of the plastic to the marble tile with tape.
Poke a few small holes in the plastic wrap with toothpicks.This makes the baking soda paste dry with enough air.Put the baking soda paste in place to dry.
Depending on the size of the plaster, it takes 24 to 48 hours for baking soda to dry.Remove the plastic wrap and check the baking soda paste.If the paste is still wet, re-apply the cling film to allow the paste to dry for longer.
If the paste is dry, brush it off and check if the stain is gone.Re-apply the fresh baking soda sauce if the stain still exists
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