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How to Remove Stains from Stone Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-11
Whether it\'s on the floor, on the countertop or in the bathroom, stone bricks add beauty to your home.Stone tiles are a natural surface that requires extra care during regular cleaning and stain removal to prevent damage.The stain on the tile changes the look of the tile to make it discolored.
You can use household goods and hardware store supplies to remove stains from stone tiles.Apply as much stains as possible on your stone tile with a tissue.Combine ingredients together to make plasters to remove stains from stone bricks.
First, fold two or three tissue pieces together.Fold the paper towels so they can cover the stains and surrounding areas within 1/2 of the stain.Depending on the type of stain, use specific ingredients in the next layer of plaster.
For an oil-Such as lotion, cooking oil or grease, pour baking soda on a wet paper towel with a thickness of 1/4 to 1/2.Add a little more water if necessary to form the consistency of peanut butter.Food and drink stains are plastered with body powder.
Sprinkle a thick layer of body powder on the paper towel.Wet the talc with 12% hydrogen peroxide to form a thick paste.Hydrogen peroxide for biological stains.Saturated paper towels with 12% hydrogen peroxide.
Used for stains in blood, urine and feces.Remove rust spots by applying silica on paper towels, and then moisturize paste materials with commercial rust remover.You can find clay and rust remover in your local hardware store.
Wet the stain on the tile with distilled water.Apply the appropriate plaster on the stain on your stone tile.Cover the plaster with plastic wrap and stick the plaster to the side with masking tape.
Depending on the severity of the stain, plaster is allowed to be placed on the stone tile for 24 to 48 hours.Start checking the progress of the stain removal process after 24 hours.Remove the plaster from your stone tile, wash the area with a clean sponge and soak it with distilled water.
Dry the tiles with paper towels.
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