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How to Remove Wall Tile Mortar and Wire Mesh

by:Shihui     2020-03-12
Clear wall brick mortar and mesh can go from hard to very hard.This goes back to the day when the sheet metal bars were nailed to all the nails in the house, and then applied plaster on it to build the walls.The thickness of the plaster can be from 1/2 to inches or more.
In the area where the tiles will be installed, the plaster is detached and the mortar used by the tile installer is 1/2 thicker than the plaster.This means that you can take anywhere from an inch or more of mortar.Place the chisel on top of the tile, where the decoration meets the plaster and hammer down along the edge.
These pieces should fall off easily so that you can reach the mortar.Cut into the mortar in the gap between it and the plaster.You are trying to clear the mortar area on the slats and studs nails.
Place the crowbar on one of your exposed spikes and pry the slats open.Work down from the top of the mortar, find and spy at the point where the nail connects the Batten to the nail.Use working gloves, grab the mortar and Batten and peel it off the wall when it breaks.
When you expose and pull down the part, cut the mortar and Batten from the back and divide it into smaller parts.This will help to remove the Batten and mortar from the room.It should fall off on the part of the Batten with mortar and sometimes still attached tiles.
Break the tiles and mortar at the bottom of the floor with a hammer.This will separate this mortar from the mortar that may be used under the floor tile
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