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How to Repair Broken Grout on Tile Floors

by:Shihui     2020-03-06
Properly installed tiles and grout should allow normal expansion and contraction of tile floors;However, even minor earthquakes, such as those occurring in the Bay Area, can cause mud to begin to break and break.Once the grouting has cracks for any reason, before any damage to the surrounding tiles, it is time to repair the broken grouting.Although grouting may crack due to wear, uneven or weak underlying layers may cause problems.If you need to repair the grout multiple times on any floor, ask the engineer to investigate the root cause of the problem.Measure the width of the grouting line on the tile floor.If the line is less than 1-You need unpolished epoxy or acrylic latex grouting material.Grouting line wider than oneThe eighth piece of an inch needs to be filled with sandpaper.This is the exception to the marble tile floor.The polished mud will scratch the surface, so the unpolished epoxy or acrylic latex is used on it.Take out a small portion of the broken mud sample and carry it with you to the tile or home improvement shop.Match the new mud with the sample.When you mix grouting, you may use water more or less to get an exact match on the grouting shadow, but doing so may affect the texture and structural integrity of the grouting material.Mix 1 portion of white vinegar with 1 portion of water.Clean the area of crushing grouting with vinegar mixture.Cut off the damaged mud with a mud saw.Insert the blade of the saw, which looks like a screwdriver or a round handle, with a saw at the end, into the joint with damaged grout.Move the saw back and forth along the seam to cut off the grouting.If grouting is particularly difficult to remove, when you move the saw along the seam, apply more pressure to the grouting saw.Be careful not to damage the tiles.Wipe the wet paper towel on the grouting line and clean it up.Remove any excess water from the mud pipe.Let the sides of the tiles be slightly damp to help the grout combine with the tiles.Follow the packing instructions to add the correct amount of water to the mud of your choice.Pre-Mixed grouting has a proper proportion of sand and Portland cement if necessary.Add water to the mud in a disposable mixing container.When the grouting reaches the proper consistency, it should be kept in a ball.Push the mud into the seam with a mud float.Smooth joint with round end of craft stick.Wipe the surface of the surrounding tile with a clean, damp sponge.Rinse the sponge frequently to avoid applying the mud to adjacent tiles.According to the manufacturer\'s suggestion, grouting is allowed to dry.Temperature and humidity may affect the drying time.Clean the surface of the surrounding tiles thoroughly with a soft cloth.If the cloth cannot remove the smoke, mix 1 portion of white vinegar with 1 portion of water.Wipe the mixture on the tile with a clean sponge.Dry with a cloth.Apply the grouting sealant with a small brush, as instructed by the manufacturer.Let the mud seal dry.
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