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How to Replace a Bathroom Countertop with Granite Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-16

It may need a little update if you have an old house.A good place to start doing one thingit-Your own guest is changing the old bathroom counter.There are four main steps to replace the bathroom countertop: (1) remove the existing countertop, (2) install granite tiles, (3) grout granite tiles, and (4) seal granite tiles and caulking agents.This guide is used to replace laminated countertops with granite tiles, but for any existing countertops, these steps are basically the same and are modified according to the type of existing countertops (E.G, tiles need to be broken or fall off to be removed ).You need to remove the old countertop and sink before replacing the countertop.Turn off the hot and cold water flowing to the sink.Unlock the water line from the sink.Screw down the sink bowl clamp that holds it on the countertop.Disconnect the drain from the sink.Score the silicone around the sink with a razor to break the seal.Pop (carefully) from under the sink and lift it up from the countertop.Use a razor to score around the edges of the back splash or anything connected to the wall and the underside of the countertop connected to the cabinet to loosen the adhesive/silicone seal.Check any screws that connect the countertops and cabinets and remove them using a Philips screwdriver.Use the crowbar to carefully pry the countertop and lift it up from the cabinets and walls.You may need to use a rubber mallet to pry a particularly stubborn countertop.Use a razor to remove any remaining adhesive on the wall or cabinet to create a flat surface.You will need to replace the countertop before installing the granite tiles.You can re-Use the existing countertops as the basis for the granite tiles or use the new plywood and back plates.The back panel will help to form a moisture barrier between the tile and the plywood, which is especially useful for the tiles around the bath or shower area.To re-With the old countertop, you will need to prepare the laminated surface by sanding.Polish the surface using a belt or track Sander until the surface is rough enough that the adhesive can enter all the grooves and scratches.Put the old countertop with ready surface back on the cabinet for re-placementsecure.Use pre-screw the old countertop in placeexisting holes.If new plywood is used, pre-Drill holes on plywood, with pre-Existing holes in the cabinet.To install the back plate, apply a thin layer of mortar (also known as a thin sleeve) on the plywood before placing the back plate on the top ).Every 8 countersunk screws10 inch to protect the back panel.Dry granite tiles for identifying tiles to be cut.You might want to take all the tiles out of their box and expand to see how the patterns are arranged.Cut on the tile.Use dry tiles (cut) again to make sure everything is right.Mix the mortar (also known as thinset) according to the direction of the package ).Apply mortar with a spatula.(Be sure to apply as many tiles as you can, so that it won\'t dry until you finish setting the tiles.) Lay a thin layer of mortar on the flat side of the spatula.Grade the mortar horizontally and vertically using the tooth edges to create a cross pattern.For corner edges, apply the mortar (sometimes called \"butter\") directly to the back of the tile using the same application technique as step 7.Carefully lay the tiles on a smooth surface.Use level to make sure the surface is level and keep level on each subsequent tile.Wipe the remaining or excess mortar on the tile with a damp sponge.Fix the tiles in place using painters tape or similar tape.Repeat steps 7-If the tailgate is included.Tiles and mortar are allowed to be placed for 24 hours before grouting.For granite or any other natural stone, unpolished mud is recommended.While for most tile items you will use spacers between tiles, this item will not use spacers to create the illusion of a seamless surface (such as a granite slab ).For tile items of 1/16-, it is recommended to use unpolished groutingInch spacing or less.Be sure to select the grouting material that matches the granite tiles as much as possible.The idea is to minimize the grouting line to create the surface as seamless as possible.According to the instructions on the package, mix the grouting water.If you are using pre-Mix the mud and proceed to the next step.Using the float and moving at the diagonal, press the grouting into the space between the tiles until the grouting line is full.Slide the float along the top of the grouting line to remove the excess grouting.After letting the Grout set for about an hour, wipe the excess grout on the tile using a damp sponge.After a few hours of mud setting, you will want to do so again.After 24 hours, wipe any remaining haze with a dry cloth.After grouting 24-You can seal the granite in 48 hours.Make sure the tiles are clean and dust free.Be sure to check the instructions for the sealant you purchased before applying.Pour a small amount of sealant onto the sponge and apply the sealant to the surface of the countertop in a circular motion.Make sure to cover the entire surface evenly.You should notice that the tiles and grout will look a little damp or darker once they are saturated.Use a dry rag to wipe any excess sealing material within 10 minutes of applying the sealing material (check the manufacturer\'s instructions ).Gently wipe the tiles with a dry and clean rag.Wait another 48 hours before getting wet to fully solidify (check the manufacturer\'s instructions again ).To make your granite look the best you should re-Seal once a year.After applying the sealant, put the sink back in place.Make sure to reconnect all the water pipes, screw the sink Bowl clip back into place and reconnect the drain to the sink.Turn on the hot and cold water knobs to make sure the water pipes are properly connected.Check for leaks under the sink.Once the sink is back in place and the water line and drain pipe are connected, apply the cauldron where the edge of the sink meets the surface of the tile.Be sure to use a transparent (or color matching the sink) silicone caulking agent to keep moisture.Finally, step back and admire your amazing new countertop.It\'s all around!
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