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how to rock an interior wall with cultured stone

by:Shihui     2019-12-17
The inner wall of the drywall or plywood can be used with some tools, some materials and a weekend or so (
Depending on the size of the work)
Become a masterpiece of dialogue
You can make a dramatic back splash in your kitchen or hit your entrance with a stone. . .
Just use your own imagination.
Material: you need. . .
You can cover the floor with the choice of rock, sand, mortar \"S\" type, galvanized wire, 1 1/4 roof nail, waterproof cloth or plastic. . .
You may need a grouting bag (
If you want a mortar joint between rocks)
, Mortar \"N type\" for grouting and decoration \".
Tools: you need a trolley, mixed hoe, shovel, tro knife, mud board, gloves, level and broom.
Cover the floor with a waterproof cloth or plastic to protect the floor from splashing.
Apply the galvanized mesh with the roof nails from the bolts to ensure that the wires are securely attached to the wall.
It\'s time to make mortar.
The formula of the mortar mixture is 200lbs sand (
14 square shovels)
Mix of mortar, 4 gallons or 5 gallons of water per bag.
You can buy sand in a bag of 100lb, which actually works well when you mix in a trolley.
It is recommended to use a trolley to cut the recipe in half and mix only 1/2 of a bag of mortar mixture at a time.
Your mortar mixture should be the consistency of the cake batter.
Spread rocks and patterns in your mind.
Apply mortar to a few feet of mesh at a time with a spatula.
Unless you are laying a pile of stone, you can start at the top or bottom.
Pick the rock you want to place, lay mortar on the back of the rock, not too much, about 3/8 \"to 1/2\" mortar beads.
Too much adds more weight and The Rock won\'t stay on the wall.
Place and apply pressure on the wall.
Swing a little after applying pressure.
Good contact and repetition allow 3 to 5 seconds.
The reason for applying only a few feet of mortar at a time is that the mortar on the wall needs to be fresh, so that the mortar on the back of the rock will coincide with it.
River Rocks, Castle stones, and other types of rocks need to have a distance of 3/8 or 1/2 between the rocks to form mortar seams.
Pile up stone piles on top of each other, no mortar joints are required.
After the wall is laid.
Wet pulp bag, 1/2 full mortar in tro bag.
Twist like a cake decorator, bring points to the wall and squeeze.
Follow the seams around the rock to make it fully full and stop to re-stir the grouting bag as you go.
Grouting the whole wall and pouring mortar in about 1 hour (
Depending on the temperature)to set up.
Wear gloves and wipe all mortar joints with your fingers.
You want your mortar under the rock.
This will keep it smooth and give it a clean finished look.
Sweep the wall and remove the remaining dust.
You can add a piece of decoration to the edge if needed.
Now you have a beautiful rock wall.
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