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How to Sand Textured Porcelain Tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-29
Textured tiles, also known as stonesTiles are usually used outdoors or in the bathroom or in the kitchen.Their density is larger than that of the tiles, leaving them unaffected by water and slidingIts rough surface makes it suitable for external wear.If there are any sharp or rough cutting points on the edge of the tile, they should be polished down before the tile is laid to prevent damage and ensure they remain in place.For safety and surface consistency, scratches, scratches or sharp spots on the surface of the textured tile can also be gently and carefully polished off.Prepare the work area with a clean bowl or plastic container to capture dust and Polish residue.A rough, low bag.Sandpaper around a piece of wood.Brush the tiles with a soft brushRemove the bristle broom of any dust or tile particles.Hold the tile with one hand and rub the sandpaper block with the other along the edge of the affected tile until the sharpness is polished.The sand on the bowl collects dust and residue.Clean the tiles to ensure that the surface imperfections on the tiles are more than just wear or dirt.Using a stiff-Brush hair nylon brush, clean the surface of the tile with warm water and gentle tile cleaning liquid.If the mark still exists, or is jagged or pointed, proceed with Step 2.By fixing the surface flaw with masking tape, leave an undamaged surface of 1/4 to 1/2 around the notch or scratch.Choose a mediumSandpaper for gently smoothing the surface of the tile.A low-For the textured surface of the tile, the coarse sand sandpaper is too rough.Polish the flaw in circular motion with medium at gentle pressureGrind sandpaper until the gaps or bumps are reduced.Be careful not to polish the surface so deep that it is much smoother than the rest of the tile.When you are satisfied with the improvement of the surface, gently wash the tiles with a wet sponge.Let the tiles dry.Apply a fine-If the sanding area is rougher than the surrounding area, the sandpaper in the circular motion can be further refined.Wash and dry repeatedly.Once the flaw is polished satisfactorily, remove the masking tape frame.Remove any excess dust from the work area with a soft brushbristle broom.
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