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How to Sand the Edges of Porcelain Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-30
Tiles have sharp edges when cutting, especially if you trim them with porcelain tile tongs.The clamp trimmed the small pieces of material, leaving a rough jagged edge.These sharp edges can pose a danger to bare feet on the finished floor.However, it takes only a little time and effort to smooth them.Wrap the sandpaper around a small piece of wood.Wood provides more resistance to sanding than folding paper.Do not wear work gloves to help hold the tiles and prevent injuries to your fingers.Rub the sandpaper up and back to the edge of the tile.Let the sandpaper finish the work without applying heavy pressure.When the sand is worn or sandpaper is torn, turn the sand block.Remove the gloves and test the edge of the tile with a touch to measure if you have smoothed the edge to your satisfaction.If not, continue grinding with new sandpaper as needed.
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