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How to Seal & Finish Stone Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-05
Stone Brick is one of the most popular materials in the modern home, it creates a rustic, designer look for the floor, counter, shower and walls.Natural stone for home decoration includes slate, lime, limestone, granite, marble, slate, etc.Because many natural stones are often porous, stone tiles should often be sealed to prevent stains and moisture.For amateur tile installers, it is usually easiest to seal the tile before installing it, and then after the entire tile installation is completed, seal the tile again as well as the grouting.Clean each tile thoroughly with a sponge and warm water to make the tile completely dry.Protect your hand with rubber gloves.Using a soft-Bristled brushes, along the texture of the stone, apply a thin layer of penetrating tile sealant on the top surface of each tile.Be careful not to apply a sealant on the edge of the tile where the grout will go, as this can damage the grout binding.Let the sealant dry for two hours as recommended by the manufacturer.Apply a second coat if needed to create a longer period of timeA long-lasting shield on a stone.Dry the sealing material as indicated.Install the tiles according to the manufacturer\'s instructions and let the mortar dry.Use grouting float to fill the seam between tiles with latex grouting.Smooth each grouting line and clear any excess grouting that spills over the stone brick.Allow grouting to be set for a week or as indicated, then thoroughly clean the entire surface of the tile and grouting and leave the surface completely dry.The sealing process is completed by applying one or two final sealing coatings on stone tiles and grouting joints.Before completing the walk on the floor or using the new stone countertop, let the sealing material solidify for at least 24 hours.
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