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How to Seal Self-Stick Vinyl Tiles

by:Shihui     2020-03-06
Self-Adhesive vinyl floor tiles-it-It is feasible for many homeowners to install themselves.The seams between the tiles build up dirt and moisture, which release the tiles over time, but sealing the floor helps the seams resist the penetration of the damaged material;It can also help the tiles resist stains.Choose a sealing device with the gloss you like or no gloss at all, and one that is compatible with the vinyl floor tiles on the label.After the seal, the floor will be ready with a two-layer vinyl on the floor.Sweep the floor with a broom and then vacuum the remaining debris with a practical vacuum cleaner and hose attachment.Pay special attention to the corners and seams where small particles can be collected.Fill the bucket with warm water and vinyl floor stripping tower in a dilution ratio recommended by the manufacturer of the stripping tower.Peel off the old wax and polish the floor with a sponge mop stained with solution.Don\'t use a wet mop so you can loosen the tiles.Reload the full barrel with clear water, rinse the residue on the floor with a new sponge mop head, and then let the floor dry.If there are many old Polish coatings on the floor, you may need to peel and rinse the floor more than once.After you apply the skim, test the excessive old Polish by scraping the nail or plastic card at the top of the tile.If thick residue from old Poland appears, you may need to peel it off at least twice.Apply painter tape along the lower edge of the skirting board, where the skirting meets the floor, and any other stationary object you want to protect against accidental sliding of the floor sealer.Insert the paint plate lining into the paint plate and fill it with a vinyl floor sealer.Twist the two wing nuts on the floor finish applicator tool counter-clockwise to loosen and remove them and separate the wood blocks from the bottom of the applicator.Wrap the lamb wool floor finish application pad around the block and secure the block back to the applicator by tightening the wing nut.Screw the threaded part of the extension handle into the threaded opening at the top of the applicator.Dip the lamb wool pad into the sealer and rake off the excess at the inclined edge of the baking tray.Place the applicator in the corner opposite the door or exit.Slowly pull the applicator back and draw along a row of tiles closest to the base plate on the wall.Dip the pad as needed to saturate it again and continue to apply the sealant until the first line of tiles is coated.Slow work helps avoid introducing bubbles into the liquid.Go back to where you started using the sealing device and seal the next row or adjacent tiles.Let the applicator overlap to the first line where you have sealed a few inches to reduce the possibility of skipping spots.Continue to seal the tiles in the same way until the entire floor is sealed.Whichever one is recommended by the manufacturer, let the first seal coat dry for hours or overnight.Apply at least two layers of sealing coating again, or apply as much sealing coating as possible as recommended by the product description.If the application takes two days, wrap the wet lamb wool applicator with a clear plastic cloth or kitchen cling film to prevent it from drying.After the last layer of the sealing machine is dry, peel off the painter\'s tape.BroomUtility vacuum cleaner hose attachmentBucketVinyl floor striipperymge mop2 sponge mop tapePaint panVinyl floor tile sealerFloor toollambswol floor surface painted with oil padExtension handleIf brick worn and old, you can lightly polish them with ultra-fine sand sandpaper and replace the sealant with polyurethane, however, do not apply polyurethane to the floor with a cut or deep scratch as it can penetrate and stain vinyl.Many new vinyl tiles are designed to look like natural stones with little shine.While you can apply a layer to them with a smooth seal, this gloss can enhance the fact that they are vinyl rather than a real stone.Use only sealing devices made for vinyl tiles.Some of the floor polish and sealant are not compatible with vinyl and can fall off or stain the floor.
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