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How to Seal Travertine Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-10
How to seal the lime tile.Consider using lime stone inside and outside your home.For a formal look, polish the lime China smooth and make sure all pits are filled.For a more casual look or external use, consider keeping the lime China in its natural state.
Choose the sealing material specially used for lime China or all types of stones.Any other type of sealing device can create stains and will affect the durability of the lime tile.Clean the lime tile with the cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer of the sealing device of your choice.
The chemicals in both products should be worked out and worked together to provide you with the best results.Use a spray bottle to wet the entire surface of the plan-sealed lime tile.Usually after a few minutes, wait for the water to start drying.
Re-moisten your lime tile with a seal.
Make sure that the entire surface of the lime tile is covered with a sealant.Wait 30 minutes and wipe any excess sealer with a clean white cloth.By re-moistening the area with more sealers and wiping it again with a clean white cloth, remove the excessive build-up of the sealers.
Let the newly sealed lime tile solidify for 48 hours to get the strongest seal
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