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How to Select Backsplash Tile

by:Shihui     2020-03-08
The tailgate in the kitchen environment fills the gap between the lower base cabinet and the upper wall cabinet at the height of the eye.In general, most wall cabinets are installed 18 inch from the surface of the finish table top, giving you an 18-Inch expansion of the tailgate space.However, the custom splash height is different.When selecting the tailgate tile, you must combine the design aesthetics with material reality and budget to get the best results for a specific tailgate.Typical straight lineThe laid tailgate extends the complete tile from the top of the countertop and cuts on the underside of the closet.The outer edge uses complete tiles, the cow nose wraps the final edge, and any vertical cutting is made into the least visible inner corner, and covered with spice containers, kitchen utensils or appliances such as a toaster or blender.When ordering materials, use the size to order the material as close as possible to keep the cut to a minimum, but also take into account factors such as the lamp strip hanging under the bottom edge of the wall cabinet to hide the silver cut;So if you choose 16For example, only 2-inch tiles-Inch cut, it will never really be visible.If you die, there\'s a choice.If you install the tiles on a typical straight plate and on a specific type of material that will give you a silver cut, that is to put the whole thing in itTraditionally, the installer uses the full halfDiagonal tile along the bottom edge of the tailgate, complete tile between half parts, then cut as needed to fit the bottom edge of the upper cabinet.However, it is still important to check the layout in advance to see how you should Center the tailgate vertically, or if you need to center things from the center point, such as an embedded mural above the stove.Large solid tiles create a more seamless look and feel for your tailgate.If you have 18-For example, select 18-inch splash-Inch tiles to fill the space.Or you can eat 20-Inch tailgate, find a 22-Style inch material you like, all you need to do is cut off the top edges of the tiles and put them into the tailgate.These are best used for installation without a lamp strip and can clearly see any cuts under the edge of the upper cabinet.To eliminate these cuts, you simply choose a tile that fits the height of the tailgate, or a tile that needs to be trimmed slightly to render the full tile.If you like smaller tiles, it is better to choose tiles that are installed on the wall cabinets without any small cuts.For example, about 18-Inch space for 4-6-inch tiles or three-inch:Although you may need to trim a bit from the top edge, the part of the inch.Or use 1-and 2-Inch mosaic tiles made of paper or cobblestone tiles are also modeled 12-Tiles in inches because they have square mesh pieces.You should always seal the tailgates to prevent them from occasionally appearing pieces of sprains and cooking and cleaning.There is no real limit on the type of tile you can choose, as all tiles can be sealed and protected.The tiles and tiles are artificial.Options that require little maintenance.Natural stone tiles such as slate, marble, granite and lime China are other options, although they need to be cleaned and re-sealed regularly to protect the stone.They have a rough, smooth (smooth but not polished) and polished format.In addition, tiles made of sheet metal are also provided.
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