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How to Stain Slate Tile

by:Shihui     2020-01-12
Slate tiles are a natural stone tile that takes years of walking traffic but will eventually fade.Once it starts to fade, it doesn\'t look shiny and loses its natural glow.Regular deep cleaning may return to natural shine for the time being, but after absorbing more use, the slate tiles become dim again.
To keep the gloss, you can apply stains on the slate tiles.It\'s not a complicated process, but it takes a lot of time and labor.Vacuum the slate tiles to remove all surface dust and dirt.
Clean the slate tiles with oxygen bleach, use the wash pad, and then rinse with a mop and bucket.Pour the acetone stripper over the slate tile and use the floor washer to deeply clean the entire slate tile floor.This will remove any old sealant and remove any film on the slate tile.
Clean the slate with neutral tilesUse a pH stone cleaner with a nylon brush, then rinse the slate tiles thoroughly with distilled water to prepare for stains.Let the slate tiles dry for about an hour or until no moisture appears.Apply a layer of waterAcrylic stain using sponge brush.
Start from the corner of the room, open the door or arch in your way, apply a uniform layer of waterBased on acrylic stains.Let the stain dry for 30 to 60 minutes or more, as recommended by the manufacturer.Apply two to three layers of penetration seal coating with a clean sponge brush, allowing each layer to dry for an hour or as long as the manufacturer indicates.
Start again from the corner and brush the sealer from the corner to the entrance.Let the last layer of closure stay overnight before you walk on the slate tile
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