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How to Stain Travertine

by:Shihui     2020-01-29
Made of limestone, the lime tile is easy to absorb paint and stains.Therefore, the manufacturer recommends sealing the tiles regularly to protect the tiles.You can use this to mix the paint into your sealer, sealing and coloring the stones at the same time.Once installed, the shader will pollute the grout and tiles.If you do not want the grout to get dirty, seal the tile before installing or covering it and protect the grout line during the sealing process.Open the doors and windows in the room.Set a fan on one side of the room to pull the air out of the room.Install a second fan on the other side of the room to breathe in the air.This cross-Ventilation area, quickly discharge toxic smoke.Put on full-Long pants, longSleeve shirt, solvent resistantDust gloves, dust masks and safety goggles.If you are sensitive to smoke or have a heart attack, please wear a respirator instead of a dust mask.Open the can and mix the precipitated strip ingredients.Dip a solvent-Put the resistance brush into the stripper and brush it to 3-square-The foot part of the tile.Let the stripper sit until the bubbles form.Keep the stripping tower damp during this period and add more as needed to prevent any drying.Gently scrub with solventWhen the sealing agent begins to pass, the anti-washing brush applies the sealing agent around the tile.Use a brush to stir any area with stains and help the strip girl get into the tile.Wipe the stripper on the tile with a damp rag.Once removed, wipe the area with a clean rag and wipe it with a thinner rag on the paint.Repeat the process until you complete the whole floor.Keep the floor dry 24 hours a day.Check if there are any remaining sealing devices on the floor.Any drop of water on the floor.If it\'s a water bead, repeat the stripping process.Wipe the water clean with a dry rag.Add 1 ounce of ghost-Pearl pigment of 1 quart tile sealing machine.Stir well.Test a small amount in an inconspicuous corner of the room.Keep it dry and then check the color.Add more pigments as needed.Pour the sealing device into the paint-roller tray.Dip your lamb in.Place the wool roller in the seal and roll it to the floor.Apply the sealer evenly without making a puddle on the tile.Refill the paint-Roller trays are provided as needed.Keep the seal dry, and then apply the second layer coating in the same way.Roll the second coating in the opposite direction of the first coating.For example, if you roll the first coat in the EastWest, rolling the second coating in the NorthSouth.Buffer the tiles with a dry micro-fiber cloth to remove the stripes.Keep the floor dry 24 hours a day.
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