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How to Tile a Bathroom Floor With Natural Stone Tile

by:Shihui     2020-03-09
Stone tiles lay an elegant but tough floor for the bathroom.Natural materials such as marble, granite, limestone and sandstone are selected.The installation process of laying natural stone is roughly the same as the installation process of laying ceramic or ceramic tiles.Select a diamond when all kinds of Saw and cutter trim tilesBlade wet saw for smooth and accurate cutting on stone.Installing the back panel on the ground floor can benefit the bathroom and kitchen floor.The back panel is a concrete material that is not permeable.There are 4-foot by 8-The plywood floor has Rust foot boards and fastenersScrew resistant.Seal the seam with fiberglass tape and cover the seam with a little thin mortar.In addition to moisture proof, the back panel provides a flat surface for tile installation.A good layout grid is the basis for any good looking tile work.The first step is to determine where the center point of the bathroom floor is and then extend the center line vertically and horizontally.When the tile is close to the center line of the room from that center point, it looks best.This layout allows you to place cutting tiles along the edge of the room or less obvious cabinets.Dry some tiles.-No adhesive-Just wanted to see what the floor would look like.Now is the time to make adjustments.Once the adhesive starts to dry, you have little chance to move the tiles.Apply the thin mortar to the back plate, and in a large enough part, you can work comfortably in 30 minutes.Plow the trough in wet mortar with a notch spatula.These grooves help to adhere the stone bricks to the mortar bed.Start laying tiles in the center of the room and work outward towards the wall.Just focus on the entire tile and save all the cuts to the end.Tap the tile with a rubber mallet and place the spacer between the tiles.Run a straight edge on several stone bricks on a regular basis to make sure they stay level with each other.Rent a diamond-Wet saw from the blade in the center of the home.Save all cuts to the end, minimizing the amount of time it takes to rent the equipment.When Stone tiles pass through the blades, wet saws spray water on them.This can reduce the dust, cool the blade, the blade must work hard to cut the stone.Diamond blades are the best tool for cutting dense stone.Wet saw can be cut directly but you need a DiamondBlade hole saw, used to cut holes on the stone without damaging the tiles.Fill the lines between stone bricks with grouting.Use the rubber float designed for this application to force the mud into these spaces.Float to a certain angle with the tile so you don\'t pull the material out of the seam.Before the grouting is completely dry, wipe the excess part of the surface of the tile with a wet sponge.
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