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How to Use Slate as a Hearth

by:Shihui     2020-03-05
When you choose a material for your fireplace, there are very few options to set the top.It is a heat-There are resistant stones of various colors, taking into account the possibility of multiple designs.Whether you want a formal and elegant look or a rustic cabin,Inspired design, there is a way to use the slate to get the desired effect.If you prefer a polished modern look, slate tiles are ideal for a fireplace.The stone is cut into a precise square, usually polished to a smooth surface, so the solid Slate has a more refined look.Because it has a flat surface, the tiles work well if you plan to build an elevated fireplace area where family and friends may sit.You can put the same stone tile in front of the fireplace, or pair your tile fireplace with brick or wooden wrap as it provides a formal that works with any materialSlate tiles are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose a monochrome look, or you can make a board or patchwork pattern using two or more shades.For fireplaces with rustic charm, stone plates can provide your fireplace with a rough, rugged look that fits the tee style.Unlike slate tiles that are cut into precise thin squares, stone plates are irregularly cut, so no two are exactly the same.They are also not smooth, so they have an uneven, textured surface of natural stones.Because the slabs are usually thick, the stone plates work well if you want to create an elevated area of the bottom of the furnace.Although the block is not as smooth as slate tiles, your guests can still sit comfortably on the blockIf you need additional seating in your living room or family room, please choose a stylish fireplace.For the most rustic look, use stone plates of several colors on the fireplace, so that it is like a natural rock formation.The slate also provides a solid, natural look for your fireplace.Although the slab has the same rough, uneven texture as the stone plate, it is a single, large slate and therefore has a seamless surface.The flat plate must be cut precisely to fit the size of the furnace cylinder area, so it may be more expensive than tiles or blocks.However, if you want a cottage, this is ideal for your fireplaceA fireplace in style, surrounded by river stones or wild stones.You can also find polished slabs in the formal living room or dining room, providing an elegant look for the fireplace.Slate mosaic tiles are a colorful choice that makes your fireplace look unique.Unlike traditional slate tiles that cut into large single squares, the mosaic design features smaller tiles that are attached on a piece of paper for easy installation.This design usually uses a slate of several shades, so you end up with a random pattern of the fireplace.You can find slate mosaic tiles of various eye-catching colors, including pastel shades of blue, purple, orange, pink and green.For most eyesCapture the look, use slate mosaic tiles around the fireplace and fireplace, but if you want to limit the colorful look to the fireplace, pair with traditional slate tiles in a single shade or around a wooden fireplace.
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