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How to Use Tumbled Tile on a Countertop

by:Shihui     2020-01-28
You can set the tumbling tiles-It has a weathered look similar to the old stone left by the elements-But there are some special considerations compared to tiles.Tumbling tiles make almost any surface elegant as they are natural stones and you can install them on the floor, walls and countertops.The tumbling tiles may be lime, marble, granite or slate;Due to the minerals in the stone, some of the rolling slabs sparkled.As with any tile countertop, install the concrete back panel to prepare the surface for the tile.Field blocks are blocks that create most designs.In many cases, the field tiles on the countertop are set in a standard grid layout with spacers between tiles, but some tiles are set on the diagonal to get the diamond effect.The standard tile spacing device keeps the grouting line straight and uniform.Rolling tiles are available in sizes from 1 inch to 12 inch, but larger tiles don\'t necessarily fit all the countertops and they add difficulty to the work.With smaller tiles, you can trim small sections to accommodate areas such as sink openings.Larger tiles need to be cut off more material from a single tile, which can lead to breakage.Cutting with a wet saw and diamond blade is the best way to produce a clean, sharp edge, usually hidden under the lips of the sink, in the corner or in contrast to certain decorative or cap tiles.Scratch-and-The snap tile cutter for cutting tiles does not cut most of the rolled tiles.Use standard tile mounting supplies throughout the installation process, including the back panel, cement sheetSet mortar, cut-out spatula for applying mortar, ordinary powder grouting and grouting float.Epoxy grouting may be set too fast to destroy the tilesMixed tile adhesive for stone inlay is not recommended.Rolling tiles offer many special decorations and decorations, some of which are mounted on the mesh as mosaics.The others are individual decorative bricks, which are as effective as the borders.You can mount the paper as a whole, or trim them by cutting the mesh with scissors to fit a wide range of spaces, including along the edges or elsewhere in the design of the live tile.Most of the rolled tiles are smaller versions of the field tiles, and some add a similar contrast to pebbles or other ornaments in shape.To get a little color and interest, use a flashing slate accent next to a smooth marble or lime China, where the surface of marble or lime China looks almost white.Some accents are thinner than field tiles, but browsing differences are not a complex issue.Instead of spreading thinAs usual, apply mortar to the back panel and press the thinner emphasis tile in place, using another technique called back butter, to apply mortar to the back of the tile.This allows you to use more mortar that accumulates tiles slightly and prevents dents due to lower mortarsitting tile.The countertop needs some type of finished front edge.For this purpose, wood trim styling is sometimes used, but there are also tumbling tiles in the edge cap.The outline shape of the side cap tile is like L, and the corner of the outline accessory is along the upper edge of the countertop.This makes the appearance of the tile folded or molded on the edge of the countertop.You need tile spacers between the back edge of the cap tiles and the site adjacent to them or the decorative tiles, and more spacers along the edge between each cap.To install the cap, you can apply it thinPlace the mortar on the back panel or directly on the back of the tile.In some cases, the weight of stone bricks causes them to move slightly as the mortar dries.If so, use a painter tape strip stretching between the CAP and the on-site tile to support the cap until the mortar is set.The proper grouting technique will vary when the rolled tiles are installed, especially on the countertop.The Rolling Stones are covered with dents, pits and flaws.Because the grouting is scattered on the tile and works into the grouting joint with the edge of the grouting float, you may want to know how to avoid the specific defects in the grouting.You should not try.While imperfections are part of the charm, they also collect food particles, which makes it difficult to clean and impractical in many kitchens.Fill the grouting line and defects with rolled tiles and almost become part of the tiles.Select cement when choosing grouting-based, un-Polish the grout in a color that not only looks attractive in the grouting line, but also complements the surface of the tile.If the grouting is too dark or too light, the tile may appear to have spots after grouting.Because the grouting should be combined with the tile and grouting joint, gently spray the tile with water before grouting to help the cement dry more slowly, glue better and solidify more firmly.Dry rolling tiles suck up the grout moisture too quickly.
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