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install glass tile in swimming pools

by:Shihui     2020-03-10
For most tile retailers, the biggest customers are always the ones who post tiles.
They chose the glass brick because of its sparkling beauty.
Especially underwater.
The clear waters shine brightly colored and will never attract homeowners or their guests.
It is the superior appearance of this glass tile that attracts people to carry out these large projects.
As you may know, these clients are making huge investments in their properties;
They want their tile installation to be perfect and durable.
In order to meet these demanding customers, the sales staff must be proficient in the complexity of the installation of glass tiles.
While glass bricks have their own quirks inherent in installation, external applications such as swimming pools require more professional attention and materials.
The main challenge of installing glass bricks outdoors is the relative high coefficient of expansion of glass.
This means that the expansion and shrinkage of the glass is faster than the material used by others in the poolg.
Ceramic or stone.
Since the tile sticks to the bottom of the pool during expansion and contraction, if the cement it lays does not stretch with it, it is easy to crack and break.
So the question that customers often hear is, \"How do I install glass tiles in the pool without having to repair broken tiles year after year?
\"The answer is not always easy.
However, with the advancement of technology and the growing experience of contractors in installing glass bricks, we are now able to provide customers with the right advice to minimize the problems encountered in their pool installation.
The most important step in placing glass bricks in the pool is to choose the right mounting material.
To reiterate, the high expansion and shrinkage rate of the glass caused by the temperature change is the main reason for the cracks and damage of the installed tiles.
To make up for this, special thin
Set adhesives and additives for extended and shrink glass have been developed.
Leading manufacturer of glass
MAPEI and their Adesilex P10 are specific tile adhesive systems
The Set and Keraply additives can be combined into an installation system designed for applications where glass tiles are completely submerged.
The elasticity of the Adesilex P10/Keraply combination allows the glass brick to stretch without breaking, and MAPEI is very confident in the ability of this installation solution to deliver lasting results
One year warranty for materials and labor.
With such assurance, it is no wonder that so many tile contractors and retailers support MAPEI\'s products as the best in the industry.
Whether you are installing glass tiles on the outside of your home as an accent for the garden or at the bottom of the pool, you need to take into account the unique challenges of using glass tiles outdoors.
These challenges are not insurmountable as long as you are careful to use the right mounting materials.
If you do, then there\'s no reason your pool project can\'t make the whole community full of envy for years to come.
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