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interior and exterior faux stone veneers - the newest, most cost-effective architectural trend

by:Shihui     2019-12-17
For owners, designers, contractors and architects, it\'s always exciting to hear a hot new trend in internal and external design.
But it\'s also cost to learn a new trend.
In the current economic situation, effective music is really familiar to everyone.
Exterior and interior stone-like veneers meet this requirement.
They are an attractive and more popular way to decorate a home, but they are more than that.
Stone veneer is also very cost-effective.
When every penny is important, effective alternatives can save key money for builders and buyers.
What is a stone veneer?
If you \'ve heard the word \"veneering\" before, you might associate it with the surprising white teeth you \'ve seen in many celebrity mouths these days.
So when you hear the word \"stone veneer\", you may ask if the product is similar to a dental veneer.
Believe it or not, you will not go far.
In our mouth, veneers cover our teeth to replicate a healthy, beautiful and natural smile.
The principle of stone veneer is the same.
They have the same appearance, texture, color and shape as natural stone.
The key difference?
Stone veneer provides all the benefits of real stone for the family-
But it\'s just a fraction of the price.
Artificial stone is made up of Portland cement, some light-weight real stone elements, iron oxide pigments, waterproof materials and a variety of polymers.
If it sounds like Wall stone term to you, then the easier way to understand stone veneers is that they are made up of various components that implement the appearance of natural stone and are
The benefits of artificial stones almost duplicate any type of stone wall you can imagine, including ledge stones, Castle stones, limestone and other types of stone walls.
This new trend is also a cost.
Effective directly and indirectly.
In the strictest sense, the thinner and lighter material in the stone veneer makes the product cheaper than the natural stone.
Indirectly, due to the lightweight composition of the artificial stone, the effect of the artificial stone on the family is different from that of the real wall stone.
They are light enough to be easily installed in almost any internal stone or external stone application.
In addition, they do not need to make expensive expansions or reinforcement of the foundation of the house.
Thanks to their more convenient design, the stone made is also easier to transport than the natural stone.
No wonder we can see them everywhere, including fashion --
First-tier cities such as Toronto, Hamilton and kidina-
Waterloo, Barry, Kingston, Niagara Falls and Ottawa.
Users who use artificial stones indoors and outdoors, whether building a house, selling a house or buying a house, usually walk ahead of the curve in terms of home design trends.
Therefore, it is no wonder that they have found many different stone veneer uses.
For example, the fireplace, staircase, wine cellar, bar, and kitchen island all use interior stone veneers, a key part of any \"dream home.
\"The exterior stone veneer can highlight the garden and carve the natural landscape at an affordable price.
They can also provide jazz for The Terrace and BBQ area, allowing homeowners to \"stay\" nearby during the summer \".
Now is the time to take action, and the price of stone veneers has finally begun to pick up, and artificial stone is the main way to skillfully consume during this transitional period.
Sellers can improve the look of their home without spending too much;
Buyers can spend more on location and location, and less on decoration;
Contractors can spend less on raw materials.
Stone veneers are easy to install on any wall surface from concrete to plywood, representing the next generation of interior and exterior stone decorations in the home.
Homeowners can bid farewell to heavy, expensive natural stones and start saving without sacrificing the natural beauty of the living space.
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