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Interlocking Deck Tile Products

by:Shihui     2020-03-05
The interlocking deck tiles provide a way to create a smooth deck surface without messing around and making no fuss, without the need to cut boards or tiles.These tiles are combined like simple puzzles and are designed for outdoor use.The installation of the tiles requires a flat and smooth surface to ensure that the tiles are firmly in place without shaking.Deck tile products are also available on the porch and patio floors as well as on the roof seating area.Wood deck tiles are made of natural weather resistant wood and are ideal for outdoor use.Since both kinds of wood are resistant to termite and mold, epwood and teak are two common options for deck tiles.Teak, known for its moisture resistance, is a major product in the boating industry.The color is generally red, while the teak is golden with red marks.In tile form, several small parallel boards span each tile, so the deck can be arranged in the same way with all the boards, or with other tiles perpendicular to the previous one, there are patterns in appearance.Some brands sell tiles made from recycled or discarded wood residues.Some interlocking tiles for the exterior of the household are made of stone such as slate, granite and sandstone.Like raw slabs that are not processed, slate tiles are prone to fragmentation and peeling, and the material may be scratched.The sealer helps prevent stains.Granite tiles are more durable than slabs and are less prone to chipping or peeling.The sandstone is cooler than the slab or granite at the foot and softer than the other two materials.Sealing is required to prevent stains.Ceramic decorative tiles are a bit like tiles used indoors, except for adding a layer of fine sand to enhance traction.This type of tile may be damaged by cast iron furniture legs, and the surface under the tile must be completely smooth to prevent the tile from swinging or breaking under heavy pressure.The tiles are thinner than similar stone tiles, so it is possible to break.Composite paving tiles made of wood fiber and polymer or Petroleumfree plastics.They are often formed in a similar way to wood grain and texture in various colors.Composite interlocking decoration is naturally weather-resistant and requires less maintenance than pure wood bricks.Composite materials are recommended in high humidity areas or rainy climate areas.
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