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Is there free natural stone basin sample provided?
It depends on the quantity of samples in need and the order of intent. The samples may be free or may be offered at bulk price. The natural stone basin samples could be customized to meet specific requirements. The samples enable you to try the product before purchasing it. Any feedback is welcomed.

Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Ltd has been specialized in researching & developing, designing, and producing marble floor tile for many years. Now we are generally considered as a pioneer in this industry. According to the material, Shihui Stone's products are divided into several categories, and natural marble tile is one of them. The well-developed series of solid stone countertops products produced by Shihui Stone's excellent R&D teams are naturally favored by consumers. The product is distinctive in darkness, lightness, veining, and pattern. With the increasing popularity worldwide, the product is bound to have a wider commercial application in the future. Placing hot items on its top will not damage the product.

The company always believes that talents are the most valuable wealth of our business. We always stick to the people-oriented philosophy and invests in cultivating people. Get an offer!
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