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is travertine tile good for a bathroom?

by:Shihui     2019-12-28
Finding the right tiles for your bathroom requires careful screening of options that look endless.
Natural stones like marble or granite provide beauty at high cost;
Alternatives such as ceramics and porcelain provide functionality at a lower cost.
Many people think that lime is a good compromise.
If you are considering the lime Hua in the bathroom, some details will help you to make the right decision.
Many people are attracted by the earthy tones of lime China as they bring a natural, classic feel to your bathroom and blend well with many other natural materials.
Because lime is a natural substance, no two tiles are the same.
Incorporating the natural beauty of the lime into your bathroom will create an attractive, unique floor.
Lime Hua is also a hard material that has been around for a long time and will last for many years, saving you the cost of replacing the floor.
Compared to alternatives such as ceramics and porcelain, drawbackstravine tiles require more maintenance.
Because they are light colored, these tiles are easier to dye and etching.
Lime Hua is sensitive to acidic substances, so it may stain when the shampoo bottle or some food and drink is placed on it for too long.
The polished version is relatively prone to scratches, although you can choose to polish if this is a concern for you.
The honed finish is not without its own drawbacks, as the texture can hold dirt and is harder to clean.
In areas where winter is cold, the lime tiles may feel uncomfortable cold at the foot and will not absorb the shock, so when you step on it for a long time, they may make your
On July 2011, CostAs, a popular home improvement store, sold 2-
8 to 10 $ inch mosaic tile per square foot. Twelve-inch-
Square Mill lime Hua costs about $4 to $5 per square foot.
You can find more exotic versions of lime China at local retailers, but exotic varieties will cost more.
Other considerations if you are thinking about the lime Hua of the shower floor, buy the honed version as it will be easier to slip
Resistant to polished stones.
If you like the look of the lime China but do not want maintenance or cost, please consider the look of the ceramic or porcelain.
Many manufacturers make these tiles into tiles that are very similar to the lime China, and you may find some tiles that you also like.
You can find more exotic versions of lime China at local retailers, but exotic varieties will cost more.
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