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Kitchen Backsplash Removal

by:Shihui     2020-01-11
The kitchen tailgate is a decorative area that can be covered with tiles, paint or wallpaper, or an extension of the countertop.Since the tailgate is a relatively small area of the kitchen design, you may want to change the style or material to update the kitchen in a minimally invasive way.The first step to replacing the kitchen tailgate is to remove the old tailgate.
Whether the tailgate is a tile or an extension of the counter, take it out as carefully as possible to prepare for the fresh look of the surface.If the current kitchen tailgate is covered with any type of tile, you can remove it by gouging it from the base plate.The key here is to do so as gently as possible.
The wall behind the tile is easily damaged, and since the wall usually extends to the back of the cabinet as well, you really don\'t want to replace it.Small holes, cracks or dents can be filled with thin sleeves;You want to make sure you don\'t rip a big chunk off.To remove the old tiles from the tailgate, you need a chisel, a hammer and a Pry --bar.
Start anywhere visible on the edge of the tile.This may be at the end of the tile run, or it may be at the top of the tile between the window and the cabinet.Keep the chisel at the edge of the tile 45-Angle, gently tap with a hammer.
You can always use more power if needed, so be careful and avoid wall damage.Once you remove some tiles, you get the edge of the pryIn the bar below the next few tiles, pull for free.If you come across a tile that looks seriously stuck, use a hammer and a chisel.
If you have a tailgate with the same material as the counter, you can also remove it.The key is to make sure that the tailgate is set on the counter and does not use a part of the top of the counter to build the bay.Check the seams where the tailgate meets the counter.
The tailgate should remain placed if the area is smooth and curved.However, you can remove the seams if they are available.If the material is granite, marble or quartz composite, use a hair dryer or hot gun at high temperatures to melt the adhesive.
Then cut off the old tailgate with an putty knife.If this is a laminated counter, please check if there are fixing screws.Screw them off and cut off any adhesive with an putty knife.
The solvent cleans up the rest of the adhesive so you can install the tiles directly onto the countertop
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