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Laying & Spacing Glass Backsplash Tile

by:Shihui     2020-03-27
The glass tile tailgate can be a perfect addition to any kitchen.The glass reflects light, which helps to make the kitchen look brighter and bigger than it actually is.The installation of glass tiles is similar to other tiles, but they need to pay special attention to setting up materials, cutting and spacing to ensure that they rise normally without cracking and do not go over timeAll tailgate installations, including glass tile installation, start with a dry layout.This means measuring the tailgate and laying the tiles in these measurements on the nearby floor.This allows you to practice spacing, plan the position of the cut tile and mix any color changes.Start your tailgate layout from the bottom center of each wall, and then move out evenly from there.This will give you a balanced layout, cutting tiles at the end of the line, hidden under the cabinet.The exact spacing of the tiles will depend on the type of glass brick you choose.However, usually a glass brick is neededeighth-Inch grouting joint or one-eighth-Space between them.This is because the glass is very fragile and if there is not enough space for it to bend or move, the glass will break over time;Grouting is easier to move than glass.Leave one too-eighth-Install inch space around and corner.The space will be filled.Caulk is more flexible than grout, where vertical planes meet is most likely to bend over time.To prevent the glass from breaking, fill these areas.The glass is fragile, which means that it can be broken or fragmented if the cut is incorrect.There are three ways to cut glass.The first is the glass tile pliers.Unlike a standard tile clamp with a set of claws, the glass clamp uses two wheels to cut the glass to prevent cracks.You can also score and capture the glass.This method uses a diamond wheel to score the surface of the tile before applying gentle pressure on both sides of the line to capture the tile.The final way to cut the glass brick is to cut it on the wet saw.Glass with diamonds-Cut the blade and cut the tile upside down to prevent surface debris.If it is not transparent, the glass brick is translucent.This means that the setting materials can be seen directly through them and will affect the overall look and finish of the installation.Install glass using white latex modified thin mortar.Comb the mortar with a tro knife until its thickness is uniform and then smooth the groove in the mortar with the edge of the tro knife.This will prevent the shadow in the groove from being displayed through the glass.To help glue the glass to the mortar, place a flat plate on a fixed tile and gently tap with a rubber mallet to push the tile evenly into the mortar.Let the mortar cure for at least 24 hours before you grout the glass.
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