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marble tile flooring for small homes

by:Shihui     2020-03-25
The elegance of marble has been noted in the history of architecture and home design, and for centuries it has also been used in large buildings, churches, mansions and small homes.
There are several different types of marble tiles used in residential and commercial applications.
They vary in use, including floors, countertops, walls, fireplaces, and exterior walls.
Since marble is not the hardest in natural stone, in a specific, very high traffic area, it does not function as a floor cover, although for typical residential and light commercial applications, they are the perfect floor tiles and are well supported in marble.
However, there is an application that is not very suitable for marble, which is on the kitchen table top.
This is because the composition of marble deteriorates when exposed to acidic foods frequently.
The most popular and common residential use of marble is the windowsill, fireplace, decorative foyer and bathroom floor.
Other bathroom applications with marble tiles include Wall cloth, tailgate, Bath deck and shower.
Marble floor tiles are famous for centuries, and marble tile floors are specially used for their gorgeous and exquisite beauty. Marble floor tiles used to be the common furniture of ancient Greeks and Romans spa, to the Renaissance courtyard of medieval Europe, all the way to the Trump Tower and other skyscrapers in the United States.
Marble tiles have been intertwined for centuries and have been implied as a symbol of wealth, as builders and architects love the sophistication and artistic air they send out to make marble tiles a classic favorite
For centuries, the reputation of marble tiles for their wealth has not diminished.
Marble floor tiles for small household marble floor tiles are applied in a variety of colors to meet the aesthetic and practical tastes and uses of each homeowner.
Marble floor tiles are intertwined in subtle colors against different backgrounds of earth tones, offering rather subtle or unique bold features in the eyes of modern designers.
These types also offer a wide variety of colors from beige, brown, white, and even red.
Marble floor tiles are commonly used in modern kitchens, corridors, bathrooms and foyer.
The use of marble floor tiles at home brings some unique aesthetic elegance and practical value to residential and commercial projects, as well as higher value to the property when reselling the premises.
Natural stone tiles such as marble floor tiles are easily stained with spilled liquid such as soft drinks, juice or acid.
Floor tiles must be sealed and commercial on a regular basis-
Unlike the tile, the tile only needs to seal the grouting line.
However, due to the complex and non-repetitive patterns of marble floor tiles, there is no small amount of dirt on natural stone floor tiles like marble.
Most commercial tile suppliers emphasize that there will be a difference in color and pattern from one batch of tiles to the other, with the same description and change in the same batch of tiles.
Stone floor tiles are often heavier than tiles, and are more vulnerable to breakage during transportation, so extra care is required when transporting or transporting marble floor tiles to the intended area.
Marble tile floor
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