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mosaic tile backsplash - do you know these lebanese sources?

by:Shihui     2020-01-21
Do you want to put a mosaic tile tailgate in the kitchen?
Did not break the Roman or Ottoman Empire of the bank?
Not only will you like your mosaic tailgate, but everyone who sees it will want to know where you get it from.
Read on and discover two Lebanese sources-yes, present-
Lebanon was part of the ancient empire. that hand-
Make each mosaic tailgate using traditional methods.
Mosaic is an art form that has a history of more than 4,000 years.
Small pieces of mosaic artwork
Stone, marble, mineral, glass, tile or shell-
Sometimes referred to as \"tesserae\", it is tightly glued together to create a colorful design or scene.
The smaller the tesserae, the mosaic art can imitate painting.
Two Lebanese sources provide you with the mosaic tile tailgate of your dream.
Find ideas for a large number of mosaic tile designs at both vendors.
While they all offer kitchen tailgates, each has a broader product line than kitchen mosaics.
You will find other mosaic tile art including: Mosaico was founded in 1963.
They have workshops in Lebanon and Jordan and sales offices in Los Angeles.
If you know anything about eBay, you know that a positive rating of 100% is a very good thing.
Mosaico has such a rating.
One customer said: \"This product is very beautiful and the price is very good.
Another wrote, \"the custom-built tailgate for our stove is a fantastic tile art.
\"Mosaico can customize any photos you provide.
Just send them an email telling them what you want to imitate in a mosaic and you get a free non
Must quote within 24 hours.
Their kitchen tailgates range from $60 to $801.
For each of their projects, they will give you the composition of the whole project.
You will be surprised!
Another company, mosaic marble, began operations in 1968.
They created their mosaic tile art in Lebanon.
Mosaic marble, along with their standard items, can create mosaic artwork from any design, painting, portrait, landscape or picture you send them.
\"I just got the dolphin mosaic. . .
I can\'t afford such a work anywhere else.
Another wrote: \"I received the mosaics and they were really beautiful. . .
I have been looking for great decorative products that I feel are of great value and quality.
Their mosaic tile tailgate from $20 (4\" x 4\")
Plus $600 for shipping.
Imagine standing in front of your beautiful artwork.
Your mosaic art
When you use the stove to create a wonderful fragrance for your home.
Before you count every tesserae in your tailgate artwork, you will make delicious food.
Both will be beautiful.
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