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mosaic tiles - creating attractive illusion

by:Shihui     2019-12-21
Have you ever seen attractive artwork on the floor of a church, cathedral, or ancient palatial house?
Do you know what makes this artwork so appealing?
It\'s a mosaic made of small pieces of glass (
Normal or color)
Marble, ceramic, colored stone or other similar material.
In the art of decoration, interior decoration and flooring, the use of Mosaic and mosaic tiles is very popular.
It will have a beautiful impact no matter where it is used.
The history of mosaics is not new in the art of decoration, interior decoration and the tradition of using mosaics in real estate.
The evidence shows that mosaic has been used by humans for a long time.
You can see the wide use of mosaics in the Macedonian palace
A Greek city built in the 4th century BC.
Mosaic is a popular product of interior decoration during the Roman Empire.
The mosaic of \"Roman del Casal Villa\" near Armerina square in Sicily is the world\'s largest collection of late Roman mosaics, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Nowadays, different forms of mosaic are in use.
From kitchen tiles to the road, it is very popular everywhere.
Art, murals, family floors and dome buildings in churches and cathedrals.
Depending on the intended use of the mosaic product, the mosaic is prepared in a different way.
In terms of imagination and art, it requires a high degree of perfection.
Each piece of material used in making a mosaic is called tesserae, and according to the technology used in making a mosaic, there are mainly three processes: oDirect method-
It includes placing the tesserae directly on the supporting surface.
This process works for smaller projects such as making desktops, mirrors, and pictures.
Indirect method
This process is used for larger mosaic projects where the artists prepare mosaic tiles separately and then install them to the actual location.
This is suitable for the making of floors, walls, fireplaces and splash backs.
Strange direct approach
If the direct method is called a double direct method, this is modern type.
In this case, it is important to know the final result during the mosaic building process.
Multi-purpose, sturdy and stylish mosaic tiles.
There are various mosaic tiles on the market with different designs, colors and textures.
There are several advantages to using mosaic tiles.
By placing mosaic tiles in an effective way, you can not only provide a classic look for all parts of your home.
Mosaic tiles are available in the bathroom, living room and even kitchen.
By using mosaic tiles strategically, you can bring a charming look to your fireplace.
With mosaic tiles, you can enjoy an unlimited selection of remodeled homes or offices.
If used properly, mosaic tiles can create a huge internal or external environment for you.
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