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natural stone - a classy ways to go all natural

by:Shihui     2020-03-03
Next time, when our highly plasticized world begins to disappoint you, you will feel an impulse to communicate with nature, take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the floor made of natural stones
No matter what type or quality stone brick you make the floor, it will feel very cool during the hot summer months and keep warm during the cold winter months.
In addition to natural beauty, natural stone does not contain toxins or chemicals that can cause allergies.
But like all natural products, the quality and features of various stones are also very different. So if you want to choose a natural stone tile for your floor, you need to consult an expert to find out which Stone works best where.
Let\'s take a look at how natural stone is featured indoors.
The beauty of the slate lies in the rich diversity and durability of the colors.
Each slate tile is like a separate artwork with different shades and textures, from pale gray and pink to strong green and black.
When these changes are properly placed in a large space, it gives a sense of continuity and tone flow
Like a painting.
Alternatively, a separate slate tile or panel can be used to offset or supplement ordinary stone tiles, such as sandstone, on walls or floors.
For example, a cream-colored sandstone with a pink tone can be highlighted with a small group of slabs with deeper pink and blue splashes on them and placed on a diagonal line.
Like most natural stone products, the caulking agent improves the quality and durability of the slate, so it is easy to maintain, easy to keep clean, resistant to chemical leaks, does not fade and does not penetrate the water.
Sandstone TilesSandstone is a common name for natural stone with quartz rock
The parcel of quartz rock is the only feature of the share of various types of sandstone.
Sandstone is obtained from quarries around the world, so the quality of sandstone is unique to their origin.
Although most designers and homeowners use sandstone around outdoor laying and the traditional chlorine pool, it is beautifully mixed indoors, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.
Sandstone has anti-slip and waterproof properties (
Although the sandstone with poor quality does not have these important qualities).
Sandstone is a product with a very wide range of uses and is widely used by architects and designers due to its durability, fire resistance and thermal quality.
Sandstone is generally lighter in color, so when used indoors, especially in large open rooms, it effectively enhances the feeling of light and space.
Designers often use darker natural stone tiles, such as blue slate or quartz rock, to divide most of the sandstone, or to define specific areas.
This effect can look amazing with a little creativity and imagination.
The incredible power and flexibility of Beats BluestoneNothing bluestone.
Not only that, the blue stone is a beautiful natural stone, the color is gray, there are subtle changes in the tone.
The surface treatment option makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Under any lighting, the blue stone on the polished surface has a delicate luster.
Honed bluestone is a popular soft, low gloss option on interior floors and walls.
Blue Stone is a natural outdoor paving stone.
In the kitchen, living areas and corridors, the best quality tombstone is widely used indoors as it is almost unaffected by the water and has dirt resistance.
The dark gray tones of blue stone effectively mask the dirt and make it the natural stone surface that busy homeowners dream.
Cutting-edge designers now incorporate blue stone into the high traffic field because of its durability and toughness, and because of its ease of maintenance.
Now you will see in the bar, restaurant, hotel lobby and up-
Retail market.
Natural stone tiles for outdoor selection
Not to mention its luxurious charm.
Garden designers are increasingly using Blue Stone\'s gray/black tones to offset the water and the surroundings of the pool.
From the smooth steel and glass lines used in modern buildings to the soft decorative features of the Federal style home, the addition of natural stone complements any environment.
Imagine the water features of stacked stone made of blue
The gray slate inside the glass-covered porch at the entrance of the architectural masterpiece, or the soft sandstone color laid at the entrance of the old inner city terrace, or the spacious family room floor with limestone dirt, ambient tone tiles.
Natural stone. . . well. . .
It glows with life no matter how it is used or where it is used.
In a world plagued by the effects of toxic chemicals and products, isn\'t it good to experience the look and feel of what nature has created?
Natural stone was already here before us and will be here after we leave.
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