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natural stone and its types -

by:Shihui     2020-01-10
What is a natural stone?Natural stone is a solid structure composed of minerals.The formation of stones is the same as the Earth, because the same liquid and gas minerals form stones and the Earth.Large amounts of gas and liquid minerals are slowCool slowly and turn into solid stones.
It took about one-The formation of these natural stones for millions of years.They have different hardness, crystal structure, color, shape and size.Thousands of natural stones have been dug up.
For centuries.
Sometimes it becomes very difficult to identify them.The main suppliers of natural stone are India, Italy, the United States, Spain, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Greece, France, Canada and Brazil.Limestone is a natural, deposited stone made of tiny shells and tinyBones on sub-aquatic animals.
Limestone forms when calcium carbonate reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid.Limestone appears in layers (layers) containing vertical cracks called seams.There are many different colors for this, for example;White, yellow, green, pink, cream, black, rust, Brown or any other color.
Limestone is used in construction, building materials, manufacturing of cement, animal feed, printing plates and other industrial processes.Sandstone is another natural stone made of deposited particles, mineral blocks and rock fragments.In addition to sediment particles, there are two different materials in the Sandstone: matrix and cement.
Sandstone is formed in places where sand is laid down and buried like this;Sand dunes, beaches and beaches.Sandstone is mostly quartz.This is red.Brown, red, white, yellow or gray.Sandstone is used for landscaping, architecture, interior and exterior decoration.Soap rock is a kind of deteriorated rock.It is rich in magnesium because it is mainly composed of mineral talc.
It has been the medium of engraving for thousands of years.It gives a feeling of soap when touched, so it is called \"soap stone \".Soap stones are also used for tools, kalafei, wine glasses, vases, sculptures, fireplaces, etc.
FossilStone is the bottom of the sea that has been transformed into fossils.It consists of a hard, black limestone base with a wide variety of lightColored fossil shellThis stone is sometimes enriched by the fossils of small animals.It\'s easy to cut and use these very cool stones as this high quality fossil stone is perfect for creating a conspicuous paving for pedestrians and lane traffic when properly installed.
They are also used for floors, pillars, furniture, etc.This is from the limestone family.It is formed by calcium and is usually formed near hot, mineral-rich hot springs.Lime Stone is soft and delicate, relaxed and soothing.
It has been often used as building materials since ancient times.Used for buildings, interior walls, mosaic tiles, sinks, statues, around the fireplace, floors, around the bathtub, dresser and coffee table.Marble is a deteriorated rock composed of rather pure calcium carbonate crystals.
When limestone is heated and under pressure, its limestone dissolves to form a larger crystal called Marble.Pure white marble is the result of deterioration of extremely pure limestone.This natural stone is used for art, architecture, garden paving, sculpture and building materials.
High quality marble is usually very expensive.Marble has these colors: black, gray, pink, green, and different combinations of these colors.Slate is a striking and unique natural stone formed by shale deterioration.
The word Slate was produced by English slat or sclate in the late Middle Ages.It is very beautiful, strong and durable.The slate can be divided into slabs and further into flakes.Slabs are used for buildings, roofs, interior and exterior floors, stairs, terraces, walkways, sharpening knives, desktops, etc.
Snake crest is a mineral containing asbestos.This is a low-Temperature change of minerals in ultra-magnesium iron rock.This is a family of silicate minerals rich in magnesium and water.
The Snake Stone is used for special types such as railway turnouts, building materials and thermal insulation and electrical insulation.Granite is a group of invasive long-British rocks that form beneath the depths and pressures of the mainland.Granite is a crystalline rock that is harder than marble with mineral particles.
Used for buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, tiles, slabs, floors, stair pedals and many other external items
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