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natural stone bathroom tiles

by:Shihui     2020-02-28
There are many different styles and varieties of bathroom tiles.
Natural stone tiles are widely regarded as the most attractive.
However, like most things, you have to be ready to pay for the best if you want the best.
Natural stone bathroom tiles are not cheap.
Natural stone bathroom tiles can be divided into 3 categories according to the type of rock they come from;
Magma, deposition and deterioration. Granite (
Due to its texture, its name comes from \"grain\" in Latin \")
The basalt is two kinds of rock used to make ceramic tiles.
Magma generated by magma cooling (molten rock).
When the magma cools into rock, it crystallizes and forms a granular appearance.
The granite is mainly from India, although Brazil and closer countries (
Unless you live closer to Brazil or India)
There is a lot of granite in Scotland.
As we all know, basalt is not only a product of the Earth, but also formed on the moon, Venus and Mars.
When we found the Martian habitat, I was 99% sure they would find that their bathroom was tiled with basalt! (
My 1% suspicion is that they have ceramic bathroom tiles. )
The deposited rock is formed on the surface of the Earth and in the water body at the bottom, consisting of limestone and so on.
It is created in two ways;
The first is produced by the compaction of minerals and organic materials over millions of years.
It could be stone, dust, dead animals and plants, pieces of weathered rock, anything real.
Over time, the pressure at the bottom increases as more deposits deposit to the top of the chimney.
As the pressure increases, the water in the chimney is squeezed out leaving dissolved minerals.
These dissolved minerals act as glue that binds the deposit.
The second way to form a deposited rock is to crystallize from dissolved minerals.
This occurs in shallow water (Sea or lake)
When the evaporation of water is greater than precipitation.
When water in a water body evaporates, it leaves dissolved minerals that settle at the bottom of the water body to form deposited rocks.
Limestone has proved to be a very popular tile in the contemporary crowd because of its light and neutral tones.
From cream to gold, limestone can be colored anywhere!
The deteriorated rocks include marble, coal, quartz and slate.
Simply put, \"deformation\" means changing the form.
Deteriorated rock is a kind of magma or deposited rock with a change in form, usually caused by extremely high temperature and pressure deep in the crust.
Marble has long been associated with luxury and wealth.
This is a very hard stone, because of this, it is possible to achieve a high polishing effect.
It is also suitable for hospitals where hygiene is critical and is used frequently.
As noted at the beginning of this article, natural stone tiles may be expensive.
In fact, you can expect to pay several times more than the equivalent tile or tile, but if you have a budget, this is definitely an attractive option.
Other things to consider are weight.
The natural stone bathroom tiles are much heavier than ceramic or porcelain, so you would like to check if your floor or wall can withstand the load.
In general, your bottom layer should be at least 1/8 thick.
Because there are no hard rules, it may be worth asking experts for advice.
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