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natural stone patios - the best way to set landscape and swimming pool areas in stone

by:Shihui     2020-03-11
The pool and other backyard terraces can be ignored in terms of the landscape and pool design.
For average homeowners, the pool terrace and dining terrace are valuable, but are severely underestimated in terms of the ability to really define the outdoor living space.
The natural stone is very useful for the patio as it is used longer than the paving stone and will not fade or slide like a stamped concrete.
In general, natural stone terraces offer many opportunities to transform the landscape and the most functional side of the pool into art
Enhance the form of the overall atmosphere.
The choice of Stone is the first task to define the outdoor living space with patio.
The pool terrace should remain relatively cool in the hot sun, remember that you must walk barefoot on this surface.
The gray Tennessee crab garden is a popular choice for the pool terrace as it stays relatively cool in the sun.
The color is also quite neutral, allowing the adjacent swimming pool and scenery to really show.
Dining terrace with more formal natural stone.
Bluestone is perfect for a formal terrace.
Sandstone also brings form, but remains neutral in doing so.
The pool terrace also offers these more formal stones.
The sandstone pool terrace with a blue stone accent can really highlight the formal pool and landscape.
After you choose the stone of the pool or restaurant terrace, the next task is to determine the pattern.
Around the natural pool, especially around the pool with waterfalls, natural stones arranged in irregular patterns have a very good effect;
The natural stone patio arranged in irregular patterns enhances the rugged look of the pool.
For the formal pool, the terrace can use the same stone and set it up in a regular geometric pattern.
For custom designs, any stone patio pattern can be slightly modified.
For example, in a very subtle way, the changed pattern can provide a frame for the patio furniture.
Finally, finishing work can be done by setting up stone and patterns.
The small accent of any patio can tie the whole yard together.
For example, a sandstone outdoor living room terrace can be placed next to the blue stone restaurant terrace.
In the outdoor living room, a slight blue stone accent can mix it with the dining terrace, while also allowing it to be distinguished as a separate outdoor \"room.
\"The accent can also blend the patio with all aspects of the residence and other architectural elements of the backyard.
The bricks can even be scattered on the natural stone terrace to form a distinct color and contrast.
All in all, upgrading to a natural stone terrace can lift your pool and landscape to the next level of design and style.
First select the stone from the pool or restaurant terrace.
Choose the stone that suits the style of the backyard while keeping a close eye on the functional needs of the surface.
Next, decide the pattern of the stone.
Remember, for nature, the rules are suitable for formal, irregular ones.
Finally, give full play to creativity.
Let your pool and landscape design company add spice by using a variety of materials to create decorations that bring a unique style to the courtyard design.
The subtleties of detail, color and creativity contribute to the clearest eye
Capture the natural stone terrace.
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