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new snapstone glazed porcelain floor tile review

by:Shihui     2020-01-21
If you want to use the new SnapStone tiles that are now available, you will want to take a moment to read this article.
I decided to use this tile in the bathroom in a very old house.
I got a much better result with this tile than I thought.
When the floor of my old bathroom got so bad that I could no longer bear the pain of looking at it, I decided that something new had passed.
The problem is that I live in a very old house and have been seriously ignored for many years, even in a winter when the pipes freeze causing water damage to the floor of the house.
The bathroom floor is covered with cheap tiles glued to the felt, and anything other than the weight of the tile no longer holds it in place.
If you have sticky wet feet, the tiles stick to your feet and come when you walk on top.
There must be something to do.
When I went through the big box shop in the local area, I noticed the SnapStone tiles.
Looks like something I need in my situation.
I did some research and found no major problems for people.
I talked to the salesman in the store and of course they highly recommended the product.
So, I decided to take the risk of buying tiles.
The price of the tile is at the high end of the scale, but there is no need to completely tear off the floor, and redo the ground floor will offset this cost.
The flexible grouting for this type of tile is also very expensive, but if the floor is bent, there is also a better bending of the grouting.
Another great attraction of this tile system is that I think I can start the project and finish it one night.
The bathroom is only about 40 square meters. ft.
So this is a very small project.
On a Friday night after everyone took a shower, I started the floor.
My 4 \"battery angle grinder and 4\" diamond cutting wheel cut the tiles well.
The backing on the tile allows defects in the existing floor.
Put the tiles together and hammer with my rubber mallet, I forced the last tile together with a small crowbar, hung the bar at the end of the tile and pulled it in place.
I had some problems with the whole floor assembly moving around because the bathroom was too small and the tiles were floating and it could move when the tiles broke together.
Constant inspection is required to ensure the floor is kept in a position that should be maintained.
The tile part is done very well and I will grout and grout the seams in a few hours.
The SnapStone system does a great job of keeping the gap between the grouting joints.
This special grouting effect is very good and easy to enter.
The main problem to note is that when the mud settles, the mud settles in the seam and often needs to refill the seam.
The tiles are easy to clean and you can walk on them after the required 24 hours.
I did limit the traffic for a few days to make sure that the grouting device was set up before heavy traffic was allowed on the floor.
Overall, I am very satisfied with the appearance of the product and the floor.
The base is very bad and the floor still seems to hold up very well.
I have a problem with your floor or just looking for an easy way to lay the tile floor then I would recommend this product.
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