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pebble tiles - learn how to install them

by:Shihui     2019-12-26
Pebble tiles are decorative tiles made of natural pebbles, usually sorted manually from rivers and beaches, and then, in order to create a completely seamless tile effect, lay them together and stick them to a fixed-size mesh backing.
These tiles can be easily used for various interior and exterior decoration and remodeling purposes, including: bathroom, shower, kitchen, countertop, terrace, floor and wall.
There is no doubt that these natural stone tiles are certainly becoming more and more popular now, as they open up various renovation opportunities without the need for a special technical background for installation.
As mentioned earlier, no special skills or special materials are required to install these cobblestone tiles either internally or externally.
Equip yourself with basic tools such as scissors, mud, sponge, thin mortar, spatula, mud float, sealer and paint brush.
Before you start tiling, you basically need to brush a closure device on the stone, then use the tro knife to apply a thin sleeve on the relevant surface, and adjacent the stone tiles to each other, at the last step, you need to fill the space between the stones with grouting, after drying, clean the excess mud on the surface of the pebbles with a wet sponge.
Use these tiles to redecorate your home, even in the office, with a variety of benefits.
Here are these advantages :-
They are suitable for almost any room environment on any possible surface. -
Waterproof when used for kitchen/bathroom tailgate, countertop or shower floor. -
They offer a luxurious look and feel while they are considered relatively cheap.
If you are planning to redecorate with cobblestone tiles, here are some valuable suggestions to help you :-
Get a sample of the color/shape of the tile required for color matching. -
Before placing an order, take the exact steps on the surface you will be covering. -
Ensure high quality grouting and sealing materials are used.
Cobblestone tiles offer countless opportunities for decoration both inside and outside, as they have a variety of shades, colors and sizes;
They are easy to install and relatively inexpensive compared to other available alternatives.
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