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porcelain tiles ideas

by:Shihui     2019-12-29
Manufacturers now produce a wide range of tiles, from solid color to wood grain and metal products-
A stone that looks similar to a natural stone.
Tiles are easier to care for and less costly than many other flooring materials, making them a stylish and ideal choice for homeowners.
Keep in mind that most companies have minimum orders, but many will allow you to buy a sample tile to try.
Tiles that look like natural stone are a popular choice.
These tiles look like honed onyx agate, marble, and other stones that are deliberately colored
Closer to the mix of real stones.
If you like the look of random coloring, this can be a good choice for you.
They come in a variety of colors, mostly staying in neutral areas of brown to gray and black.
Even if the manufacturer calls it \"pink\" or \"green\", it is more like a brown color with a base color of pink, just like a real stone.
A popular stone style is lime China, a natural stone.
Lime Hua is often more expensive than tiles, must be sealed and will be hurt by acidic elements such as orange juice spills.
Most are for commercial or residential use.
The tiles are available in various sizes and the most common ones are 12-
Although some styles are large in size, there are still inches of squares.
The price of tiles ranges from $1.
$49 per square foot, about $4 per square foot.
Metal tiles are available from Daltile and look like bronze, copper, titanium and iron, a metal black.
Both warm and cool tones are suitable for use in residential use, not in commercial applications.
The metal brick has a special particle finish and does not require contact with the ground item, otherwise the metal finish will be scraped off.
Available in a variety of sizes, including small mosaics, rectangles, and 20-inch squares.
The tiles are provided through special orders and the price is given when the inquiry is made.
Wood tile is an unusual style of tile.
From the gray driftwood to the old walnut, these look like wood finishes, the colors of each tile are different and look like real wood.
There are two size options--
Square or long rectangle of different sizes.
The tiles are made for the residence and can be used on the floor or on the wall.
These special tiles are about $4 per square foot to almost $8 per square foot.
Solid tile-
Color tiles in strong colors such as purple or emerald green, with neutral tiles such as beige.
To inhibit the growth of bacteria, these drugs were also treated with Microban.
Tile size from 6-inch to 18-inch squares.
These tiles are made in the United States. S.
Sold in home improvement center and tile shop.
You can also order samples of these tiles on the manufacturer\'s website; they about $8.
The retail price of these tiles per square foot is between $3 and $9 depending on the retailer and the exact tile style.
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