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porcelain tiles or natural stone - what\'s the difference?

by:Shihui     2020-01-22
The material type, color, size and thickness of natural stone tiles are very large.
All natural products used internally, especially those used in the bathroom and kitchen, need to be sealed.
If not treated, natural products will absorb liquids and traces from dirt and footwear, which can be very difficult if not impossible to remove.
It took quite a bit of money to buy the tiles and make them fit, and the last thing you want to see is that their beautiful look is ruined.
How often does the tile need to be maintained?
Since different materials have different requirements, this is not a simple problem.
Some are easier to absorb than others, some are harder to Mark, and more difficult to mark.
The only thing you can be sure of is that maintenance is always needed.
The factors that will have an impact are the type of material, the color and the area in which it is used.
For example, natural tiles used in areas directly exposed to the outside need to be maintained more frequently than those in bathrooms that do not wear outside shoes.
Natural tiles in areas such as kitchens are more likely to overflow, and entry from the outside is usually the norm, and these areas will need maintenance more frequently.
Another factor to consider is whether the tile is formatted.
In this case, the format of the tile is related to the physical size of the tile.
For example, many natural products may not be formatted and thickness tolerances are given.
They may fit the range of 20mm to 40mm.
This change in thickness will mean that the installation of the product is more difficult, for example, it may require a deeper layer of adhesive and it is more expensive to install than the tile.
The tiles are almost maintenance free and are fully glazed in most cases (
Do not absorb liquid)
And always formatted.
However, it is better to remember the old motto \"You got what you paid for\" and not all tiles are of the same quality, although you should not have made products to Spain or Italy
The porcelain is very hard and harder.
More than many natural stones.
The caliber of the tiles can vary depending on the batch, and so can the shadows, so you always make sure you have enough time to complete your project from the start.
If you need to order more, you may not be able to get the tiles from the same lot.
Before purchasing, you should frequently ask about the maintenance and format of tiles for floor tiles or for any use, so that you fully understand the meaning of choosing a particular type of tile.
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