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proper care for your marble tiles

by:Shihui     2020-01-31
Marble tiles are the first choice for flooring, countertops and other home applications for luxury and regular homes.
A lot of people have chosen these tiles today as it can add elegance and beauty to the whole family.
We all know that beauty and elegance are accompanied by price.
Marble Tiles are known to be very expensive, but as it offers sparks, elegance and beauty to your home, your money is definitely worth it.
Marble Tiles are known for their durability.
This is another reason why more and more people like to use these tiles at home.
The interior of the marble is durable, but the surface is delicate, so it does require proper care.
Since these tiles can bring beauty and elegance to your home, the owner and others who step on the tiles must be careful;
Some things really break the beauty of these tiles, so it is very important to know them in order to avoid them.
If you think water can\'t hurt your tiles then you\'re definitely wrong.
The water will damage the marble tiles.
It will mess up its natural Sparks and beauty.
It can produce water stains and spoil the gloss of your elegance and tiles.
So once the tiles overflow, you have to wipe them immediately with a clean cloth.
Delayed cleaning of tiles can cause stains.
These tiles need to be cleaned regularly.
You can either sweep it or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt.
After removing dust and dirt, you can wipe it with a cleaning solution.
Use a cleaning solution with a neutral pH instead of an acid-based solution.
Acidic chemicals can really damage your marble tiles.
Keep in mind that orange juice, apple juice, tomato sauce, wine, etc are acidic materials and you should stay away from marble tiles.
You have to avoid spilling acid on the tile.
But once the leak
Then you must wipe the pen clean immediately.
Because the surface of the marble tile is quite delicate, you must be careful not to scratch it.
Shoes that go through the sand and sand will scratch your tiles.
So before you step on the tile, you have to make sure you take off your shoes.
Scratches can be caused by moving furniture.
It is recommended to place a protective base on the furniture to prevent it from scratching your tiles once you want to move the furniture.
These are just some things that will damage the marble tiles.
Because you know all of these things, you can easily prevent things that damage the tiles.
You have to use this information so you can keep the elegance and beauty of the marble tiles.
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