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pros and cons of sealing bathroom shower tiles

by:Shihui     2019-12-24
Tile shower can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom.
A common question about shower tiles is \"Should I seal the tiles ? \"?
\"First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between tiles and grouting.
Grouting is a mixture used to fill the gap between tiles.
Grouting needs to be sealed.
Sealing it will make it easier to clean, prevent mold and mildew and keep it looking new.
Since grouting needs to be set for about a day before sealing, most installers do not seal grouting-
This is something you might do yourself.
Grouting should generally be re-established
Every few years.
Non-sealing grouting can cause a leak in the back of the tile which can cause mold problems and then you may have to re-seal
Tile the whole shower.
Sealing tiles are usually optional depending on the type of tile used.
Marble, natural stone, Slate, limestone, Terracotta Warriors and matte bricks should be sealed to protect them from water, mold and stains.
Since Stone is a natural porous material, it absorbs any washed water and can breed mildew.
Also, it stains easily.
Tiles generally do not need to be sealed.
The advantage of sealing the tiles is that they require less cleaning and do not absorb any moisture.
Sealing the entire tile does have its drawbacks.
For example, some sealers can make the tile black or dirty, thus changing the natural color of the tile.
Sealing the whole shower, not just grouting, is also very time consuming.
Tiles also need to be re-done
Seal every few years to maintain quality.
Need to replace the past sealer
Apply every year, but now you can find some applications that claim to last for 15 years.
It needs to be completely dry before the shower can be sealed.
If the shower is not brand new, this can take five days as the moisture behind the tile needs to completely evaporate before it is locked.
If you decide to seal your new shower, be sure to do so before you use it, otherwise you will have to find another way to take a shower when the shower dries.
If you seal your old shower for the first time, you may need to wait a few weeks to get the tiles completely dry, in which case sealing the entire floor may not be the best option.
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