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Removing Stone Tile From Mesh Backing

by:Shihui     2020-01-05
Stone Brick is one of the simplest and easiest ways to add designer temperament to home decoration.While larger tiles generally do not have a mesh back, smaller tiles and more complex designs arranged in mosaics are usually sold with solid paper or plastic mesh back to keep the intended pattern in placeThis makes it easy to apply to the location you need at home.However, if you have a need or desire to use the stone tile element alone, the backing can be removed with only a little care and care.Mesh backing for stone tile patterns and mosaics often stick to the back of heavy-duty tiles with industrial useStrong glue products, it is difficult to remove.If the glue stays in place, it causes the placement of loose tiles on the surface you want to be uneven.Smaller tiles are usually glued to lighter paper backs with water-soluble glue, making it easier to fall off.It is best to remove all backing materials using a wet process, as this will soften the glue and make it easier to extract from the stone.Alternatively, a drying process can be used if the tiles are carefully protected from breakage.Many decorative stone bricks are made of porous or fragile stones such as lime, limestone or glass that are easily broken or broken.In order to be more likely to successfully remove the mesh back and glue from the stone brick fight, soak the pieces of the entire square in hot water for up to 20 minutes.Soap can be added to the water, but be careful to rinse thoroughly afterwards to reduce the chance of soap residue on the tile.There is no need to fully immerse the stone in the water;Just put the mesh on the back in the shallow baking tray and the water is enough to cover the bottom.The glue will soften slightly and can be scraped off with a knife or putty remover.In this process, the back of the net is easy to fall off.If you choose to remove the mesh backing without using water, you can place the whole stone on the countertop or flat work space and then carefully remove each piece, one at a time.The paper or mesh holes are easy to fall off, but the glue needs some scraping and care to avoid broken tile pieces.Try to remove the product using a small amount of adhesive and follow the instructions as to how long it will take to place, usually just a few minutes.Friction alcohol can also be used, especially on the backing of the plastic mesh, so that it can sit for three hours.When using the wet removal process, completely dry after the tiles are removed from the grid, and then allow them to be exposed to the air for several hours before storage.If the glue has been removed by the drying process of removing oil or gel using the adhesive, clean the tiles to remove all traces of the product.If left on the stone, it may cause dyeing or installation problems due to the interaction with other ingredients.After cleaning and drying the tiles, store a layer before they are ready for use.
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