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some popular floor and wall tiles

by:Shihui     2019-12-29
Glass Bricks: There are a large number of decorative glass bricks on the market today, suitable for residential and commercial applications.
Glass tiles are a great choice for interior and exterior surfaces with decorative designs.
They are available in a variety of colors and patterns to add decorative touches to the kitchen, bathroom, hotel lobby, swimming pool and even shopping center.
Glass tiles or are compatible with many other tile types, allowing them to be used in combination with other tile types such as stone, wood, ceramic and metal bricks.
Glass tiles are used by interior designers, architects, and builders as they provide the possibility of bending that glass tiles allow to be easily mounted on pillars.
Their color shapes and textures allow unique niches to be designed.
Today\'s glass bricks are very resistant to chemical, mechanical and climate impacts.
The floor is designed with glass tiles with a non-slip surface, which is a great choice for the bathroom, pool area and even the kitchen floor.
With the latest improvements in composite glass brick materials, it has also become a great choice for commercial flooring.
Although many of today\'s glass bricks are made from recycled glass, they are also Eco-Friendly. Vinyl Tiles:-
Vinyl tiles are a composite structure consisting of several layers; (a)
Protective wear layer ,(b)
Protective film layer ,(c)
Printing design layer ,(d)
Backing of vinyl tiles.
Vinyl tiles are available in a variety of colors and designs;
Easy to install, is a very economical choice for floor tiles.
The vinyl tile will last for many years and can be very durable depending on the quality of the tile (
The thicker the tile, the more durable it is).
The care and maintenance of the vinyl tile floor is easy, cleaned regularly, and the occasional mopping will look great and will last for years.
Ensure that the manufacturer\'s advice is followed when mopping the ground;
Because mopping the ground with a large amount of water will eventually deteriorate the vinyl flooring adhesive;
Waxing can damage the wear layer of vinyl;
In fact, some cleaners may reduce the appearance of vinyl.
Marble: Historically, some important marble was named after the position of the quarry, such as: Paros in Greece, Penteli in Greece, Carrara in Italy, proconsus in Turkey, Danbi from Vermont in Spain, yur from Colorado.
Marble is one of the oldest forms of floor tiles, which can be highly polished to show its beauty and can be found in various colors and natural patterns.
Minerals such as iron, carbon in marble give it a unique look and a natural whirlpool look, which makes marble so beautiful when cutting.
Marble has been used in many fine sculptures and even fine furniture for centuries.
Marble is one of the most historic building materials, because of its beauty and elegance, it brings a special historical atmosphere to your design.
Granite is a kind of volcanic rock mainly composed of four minerals. The four minerals are quartz, n-Stone, cloud mother rock and usually angular flash rock.
Granite is formed when magma gradually cools down deep on the Earth\'s surface.
This makes the crystal (
Can be seen through the human eye
The composition of granite is formed from the combination of the four minerals, and varies depending on the location and quantity of each mineral, so that it has various colors and changes in appearance.
Slate Stone: slate stone is moderately hard, compact in structure and has a lower uniformity, which means that their compounds may vary greatly.
The surface is medium to fine-grained and looks almost Sandy, but it still has outstanding shiny assets.
Some of the more common colors are copper, sea green, Peacock, colorful, silver gray and black.
Slate tiles can be either natural or polished.
Limestone: Limestone is a silicon calcium carbonate rock formed through the deposition process.
They have very low water absorption and are hard, compact rock and stain resistant.
The surface texture is very thin and the polishing quality is very good.
Some of the more popular colors are blue, green, brown, desert yellow and coal black.
Limestone tiles are available on both natural and polished surfaces.
Muwa: the richness of grain and the healthy gloss of wood floors make them very attractive to most people, and its strength, durability, toughness and personality are equally attractive.
High quality wood flooring is a symbol of lifestyle and status.
Wood floor darkens with age;
The grain has become more profound and rich in response to superviolet light.
The wooden floor is well integrated with any kind of decoration;
It gives you a warm, delicate and traditional look and feel.
Wood board and wood veneer give you the warmth and beauty of nature itself, and the board and wood veneer meet the expectations of modern life.
They give a natural look of solid wood and are perfect for a variety of environments such as home, office, hotel, restaurant, showroom, boutique.
They are solid and durable floors that can be supported on the surface
Work efficiently under strict requirements of daily life.
For those who like the traditional way of life, they prefer to use traditional building materials such as wood in the building.
The eternal beauty of the wood remains a very popular choice of tiles.
Wood floors, laminate and veneer are easy to clean, clean and dust-free.
They can also resist high impact and provide better acoustic effects.
Wooden floor does not generate static charge for rooms with electronic equipment;
This makes them a great choice for the computer room.
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