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Steps for Sealing a Natural Stone Tile Backsplash

by:Shihui     2020-01-27
Natural stone tiles are a perfect addition to the kitchen tailgate area.These tiles have natural color variations that help protect the walls from grease or water flowers.However, since the tiles are natural, porous, they do need to be sealed to help prevent staining over time.Ideally, the tiles should be sealed before grouting and on a continuous basis, depending on how often they are cleaned.A well-sealed tailgate will overflow water from its surface;When your stone bricks stop doing this, it\'s time to re-seal them.Spray the stone cleaner on the tile and polish them clean with a soft cloth.Make sure the tiles are completely free of grease, cooking splashes or surface stains.Let the tiles dry completely.If the tiles are darkened after washing, let them restore their natural color before sealing, and let the water evaporate from the pores of the stone.Pour the stone seal into a bowl or open it-A container large enough to dip the brush in.Open the kitchen fan or open the window to help eliminate some of the strong smoke that is contained in many sealers.Dip the foam brush into the seal and apply the seal to the tailgate.Use wide, overlapping strokes and work from top to bottom to prevent dripping water.Let the seal penetrate the stone for 10 minutes.Buffer the surface of the stone tile with a clean cloth to remove the closed device that the stone does not absorb.Work quickly, starting with the tiles you seal first, rub with a circular motion until the tiles are dry.If the stone feels cheesy, continue to Polish until something sticky disappears.A few clean clothstone sealerOpen mouth containers for stone cleaners are large enough to hold a brush foam brush. If you choose to apply a color-enhanced sealing agent to the tailgate, first apply a layer of immersionThe color-enhanced sealant is only local and will not protect your tailgate like the dipping sealant.
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