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by:Shihui     2020-03-18
Take the time to read the following article, and you will certainly be aware of this from the research carried out in order to write this article.Many people in the world are very green now...Take the time to read the following article, and you will certainly be aware of this from the research carried out in order to write this article.Nowadays, many people in the world pay great attention to environmental protection.When they are looking for flooring materials that not only look elegant but wear well, many of them use stone flooring at home.You can choose various types of stone flooring materials to place on the ground.Now, like most materials, you will get cheap flooring and you will get expensive flooring materials.Therefore, the quality of the stone floor will depend on the properties of the stone you get.There are certain types of stones used on the traditional upper floor.These are stone tiles of marble, lime, granite and reunion.Two types of marble can be used for stone floors.The traditional polished product is textured in appearance and is a soft stone.In order to maintain the best state of polished marble, you need to seal it with a natural stone seal.Another type of unpolished marble is rough in a texture similar to a sponge.Different from the traditional marble floor, the unpolished marble has different color patterns.There will be no signs of any other pattern or texture.Because the stone floor is a bit rough, your feet feel comfortable when you walk on the floor or stand on the floor.Because the many qualities of polished marble are obvious on the rough-cut marble stone floor, you will still have that luxury and luxury feeling for your floor.The best way to use this stone floor in your home is to prepare the ground first.So you need to choose a smooth, stable, very strong bottom layer.You need to fix the marble tiles on the ground using white thin mortar.Make sure the position of the marble is what you want before pressing the mortar backing.Due to the irregular shape of the marble, your grouting line will not be uniform.This even adds an interesting impact to your stone floor.Once most stone floors are ready for wear and tear, the final process is to cut with a saw with water.Since this stone floor is made of marble, you need to use acrylic sealing material before using grouting.The difference is that grouting will penetrate into the stone floor and stain them.Other materials you can use for your stone floor need to be selected for the type of room that will use them.All of these stone floors are very attractive and they add rewards for natural materials, which is important when you want your home to be in harmony with the environment.I\'m glad you found this article and I hope you can find useful information.
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