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stone-look porcelain vs natural stone tiles - flooring

by:Shihui     2019-12-15
Natural stone is a popular material for floors and walls.Marble, limestone, granite, slate, quartz and other natural stone tiles are also used to make outdoor areas and landscaping.There is no doubt that the stone is heavyduty, long-Durable materials for a wide range of applications.
But there are stones-It looks like tiles that can be made and designed to replicate any natural stone.The tiles look exactly like natural stones.However, they cannot imitate the strength and durability of natural stones, and most importantly the natural properties of natural stones.
This blog compares some factors related to tile and natural stone to help you make sure which material fits the requirements --Natural stones and stonesLook, the tiles are a good choice for the interior.They are also suitable for outdoor applications.However, natural stone needs attention and maintenance for outdoor use.
To make sure your floor is able to maintain gloss and substance, you need to keep your stone surface with enough polishing.Stone-Look, the tiles are all male-Made products with durable weather-Coating resistance even in the worst weather.When we compare the cost, we findIt looks like the tiles are much cheaper than the real ones.
Making tiles is cheaper than processing stone bricks from rocks.So it\'s up to you to decide the stoneTiles like tiles or stone will be better.Low cost is one of the main reasons why people replace natural stone with tiles.
Stone is natural.
They can afford it for decades.
However, in terms of durability, tiles are not one step behind compared to natural stone.Artificial tiles are too durable.If you choose the right tile for your own purposes then you can expect the stone --Like durability.That said, if you use a regular tile floor tile on a roof or outdoor floor, it is possible to be disappointed.
You should tell the supplier what is the purpose of your intention to use the tile.Natural stone has a porous surface that is filled with dust and dirt if not filled or not polished.Over time, dust particles produce an ugly look and become the cause of damage.
This is not the case with tiles.
For home bacteria and dust, they do not have a porous surface
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